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Zapablast05 06-11-07 11:52 PM

Need help OCing
Well....I'm a dual-core noob and a high-end GPU noob in OCing and I've never OC'd RAM. I want to know if any of you can set up something for me to input in the BIOS so I can OC. I have my rig's specs as my sig. Everything has the standard HS/F. I know that the chances of someone here having the same set up are like me finding myself in the fourth dimension but any little bit of advice can help. Thanks :D

buffbiff21 06-12-07 01:33 AM

Re: Need help OCing
...Buckethead? nice. You know he played the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme song? :)

Basically it is a matter of playing with your HT, the multiplier, and voltages.

This is rather dated, but it will establish a good starting point.


Zapablast05 06-12-07 11:08 PM

Re: Need help OCing
Yup, Buckethead is my favorite. I knew he played that song, and I was shocked when I found out.

Oh, and my BIOS is Award BIOS ver.F8, for future reference. That link has a 4200+, I have a 3800+, so the results will be different. By the way, does anyone have the same exact card that I have? I can't find any forum thread with someone saying they have a Foxconn 8600GT.

Zapablast05 06-12-07 11:21 PM

Re: Need help OCing
Ok, I think it was my RAM that was holding me back. It was running at 400MHz so I dropped it to 200MHz and now my CPU is at 2.24. I'll upload a picture of my voltages and all that and I'll take any suggestions. Thanks for that site, it did help, I just changed the voltages by ratio of the CPU frequency.

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