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XDanger 06-15-07 01:34 PM

e6400 @ 16.25ghz !!!!???
I didnt seem to have a problem setting my fsb to 400 before ,but now im seeing this when I boot ,obviously windows doesnt load.
What am I doing wrong???
I,ve tried 402 ,same same.

I know its something simple so hopefully an answer

SORRY if you thought this was an uber oc thread :).

Trademark 06-15-07 02:03 PM

Re: e6400 @ 16.25ghz !!!!???
Lmao, I already thought of a pic with a mainboard and a huge tube on top of the cpu.

Well that certainly is buggered, BIOS issue perhaps? Or your mobo/cpu doesn't want to do 400 anymore. Tried more voltage?

buffbiff21 06-15-07 03:14 PM

Re: e6400 @ 16.25ghz !!!!???

Originally Posted by XDanger
SORRY if you thought this was an uber oc thread :).


How in the world are you having trouble at 400mhz?

That's when the NB internal latencies change and everything is made much easier to stablize.

are you stable up to 399?

XDanger 06-15-07 03:46 PM

Re: e6400 @ 16.25ghz !!!!???
yes just as I thought, Im an idiot.

It just shows 16.whatever ghz on the post, First time I tried It failed to boot.
So this time I just ignored it.

Never tried any fsb in the gap.

breathemetal 06-15-07 11:21 PM

Re: e6400 @ 16.25ghz !!!!???
man, that number sounds like music to my ears
imagine the possibilities

Madpistol 06-15-07 11:41 PM

Re: e6400 @ 16.25ghz !!!!???
So that would mean that it's a Quad Core 4.0625 Ghz right?

... at least that's how the guys @ best buy would try to sell it.

Eliminator 06-16-07 09:30 AM

Re: e6400 @ 16.25ghz !!!!???
mmm 16.25ghz... might just be enough to get 30fps in splinter cell double agent :)

Pagusas 06-17-07 01:45 AM

Re: e6400 @ 16.25ghz !!!!???
are you using a P5B? If so, its a known bios issue, was correted in 1004. Dont know the finer details of what happens, but it only effect the e6400 and e6300.

XDanger 06-17-07 06:47 AM

Re: e6400 @ 16.25ghz !!!!???
im using 1011, so looks like they put the issue back in.

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