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|MaguS| 06-15-07 06:35 PM

New Ad?
Tops getting pretty heavy with the ads. Anyway to put google ads and pricegrabber on the same bar?

MikeC 06-15-07 06:49 PM

Re: New Ad?
Be quiet


|MaguS| 06-15-07 06:51 PM

Re: New Ad?

MikeC 06-15-07 06:53 PM

Re: New Ad?
I just replaced the Galaxy ad.

|MaguS| 06-15-07 07:05 PM

Re: New Ad?
How much for ad space... im tired of being single. :o

MikeC 06-15-07 07:08 PM

Re: New Ad?
I'll take out a line of the Pricegrabber ad. Would that help?

|MaguS| 06-15-07 07:11 PM

Re: New Ad?
Im just complaining to complain... don't mind me, Thanks though!

(wonders what else he can get from MikeC)

(eyes Gib)

SLippe 06-15-07 07:13 PM

Re: New Ad?
NVNews is getting fat! But some of you like fatness. :D Not that there's anything wrong with, just sayin'. Mmmm moped luvin'. :thumbsup:


superklye 06-15-07 09:29 PM

Re: New Ad?
this is the best thread i've seen in a long time :D

|MaguS| 06-15-07 09:34 PM

Re: New Ad?

Originally Posted by superklye
this is the best thread i've seen in a long time :D

If you think this is good, you should read our PMs. :cool:

Mr_LoL 06-15-07 10:47 PM

Re: New Ad?
Well it's a free forum I suppose. Gotta find a way to pay those hosting bills. It might take a while for me to get used to 2 ads.

Redeemed 06-16-07 04:50 AM

Re: New Ad?
I haven't even noticed the ads... and still don't know which one's ya'll talking about. :o

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