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EUIX 06-17-07 02:24 PM

How to know if driver is working
Hey I was wondering is there any 3D graphics tests that can be ran or some other to determine if the NVIDIA driver installed properly, because although the installation went without a hitch I suspect theres still something wrong with the driver as when I start Warcraft 3 in Wine I only see a black screen, I can still hear the music in the background and such.

zander 06-17-07 02:25 PM

Re: How to know if driver is working
Any native OpenGL application would be a good first test; `glxinfo` will provide more detailed information that can help diagnose installation problems.

invader 06-24-07 03:18 AM

Re: How to know if driver is working
ok, I'm pretty new to linux. and damn' it was really hard for me to install the nvidia graphics driver on my kubuntu 7.04... but I guess it works now... if I didn't found the description on this forum I would have never succeed.

but anyway I also want to test the correct installation. what's the best way to do this?

you wrote: any native opengl application <-- ok, which one? I'm a newbie...so I don't know which one would be best?

and glxinfo lists a lot of lines which I can't interpret correctly because I'm a newbie on linux...at least which output gives me the hint, that everything is fine?

isn't there a little testprogram which runs several test an put out some lines like a = ok, b = ok, c = failed, d= ok, e= not supported and so on....

sorry, for the newbie questions...

kind regards,

urlauber 06-24-07 07:54 AM

Re: How to know if driver is working
Some native opengl apps that I'm using (just install them with sudo apt-get install appname)

- stellarium
- planetpenguin-racer
- foobillard

You could also install some 3d-screensavers (xscreensaver-gl package)

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