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Zapablast05 06-19-07 12:45 AM

another processor vs. ram
Ok, I OC'd my 3800+ from 2.01 to 2.34 but I had to lower my RAM to run at DDR 400 instead of DDR2 800. What should I do? Which should I OC and what timings should I use to keep my PC running at 2.34 and the RAM at DDR2 800?

Zapablast05 06-20-07 05:25 PM

Re: another processor vs. ram
Anybody? I have my RAM at DDR2 533. Any timing suggestions?

grey_1 06-20-07 05:52 PM

Re: another processor vs. ram
I've always thought Mghz matters most, benchies on mine seem to indicate that. My ram I set to cl2.5, 180, HT to 3 and 250 x 10 for the overclock.

Zapablast05 06-21-07 06:23 PM

Re: another processor vs. ram
I can't overclock my processor anymore due to my RAM. If i have it running at DDR 400, my procesor still tops out at 2.39GHz and the temp. of the processor is 36 celsius

grey_1 06-21-07 06:51 PM

Re: another processor vs. ram
Do the AM2 boards still use HT? If so you can try lowering that a notch, say from 4 to 3. Also try running your ram locked at 333mghz. The performance difference wasn't noticable to me. A touch looser mem. timings also helped a bit.

That said, my chip seems to top out at 2.6, but it's not 100% stable, so I have a (roughly 350mghz overclock available to me. Not great, but it's luck of the draw with overclockability.

Zapablast05 06-21-07 07:09 PM

Re: another processor vs. ram
The RAM's HT max is 5x and I lowered it to 3x. That allowed me to crank up the processor to 2.50GHz. Yes, the AM2's still have the HT capability. I have my processors HT set to 10x.

The lowest I can set my RAM is DDR 400. I mentioned before that I'm a RAM OCing noob, lol. I don't know how to jiggle around with the timings so I don't try anymore because everytime I do, I end up having to open up my PC and insert the stupid CMOS RESET jumper :(. Will lowering my RAM's HT to 1x and setting my RAM to DDR 400 effect my gameplay?

grey_1 06-21-07 07:30 PM

Re: another processor vs. ram
I'm somewhat of a newbie my self, but!

It's a DFI forum, but a huge amount of the tips and tricks apply to most boards I've used. There's some excellent info there that beats the heck out of what I could give you.

Good luck with it!

Zapablast05 06-21-07 08:00 PM

Re: another processor vs. ram
I just hope my performance doesn't drop with looser timings, lower HT multiplication and lower frequencies which I feel will happen...

Zapablast05 06-22-07 02:47 AM

Re: another processor vs. ram
I took some pictures from my BIOS of my RAM to see if that would help. My PC stats are on my sig. Everything is default now. The processor isn't being OC'd right now. It's at 2.01Ghz. Now...what do I do with the timings?



Zapablast05 06-22-07 02:54 PM

Re: another processor vs. ram
No clue, huh?

grey_1 06-22-07 03:06 PM

Re: another processor vs. ram

Originally Posted by Zapablast05
No clue, huh?

Lol, that's why I referrd you to that site. I do have 'a clue', but I don't have an AM2 mobo with a bios that may be significantly different than mine.

I'll hazard guesses on my own, but not anyone elses. Others here may, not me.

Again, there's reams of good information on o'clocking and ram timings in that link. Read it and experiment.

Zapablast05 06-22-07 03:11 PM

Re: another processor vs. ram
The link doesn't send me anywhere. It's just a dead page.

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