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Badash 03-31-03 10:46 AM

Gainward geforce FX 5800 Ultra
Here is some nice pics and preview benchmarks Gainward

The scores prove that XP service pack 1 must make your pc slower, I never would install it.

jAkUp 03-31-03 11:03 AM

it only makes some pc's and some programs slower, service pack 2 will address that.

RobHague 03-31-03 11:10 AM

That looks majorly UGLY :eek:

Unit01 03-31-03 11:58 AM

7dB folks 7dB :D
Remember when they said that ? :D

jAkUp 03-31-03 01:07 PM

ya then they said it was 7db below 50

ChrisRay 03-31-03 01:09 PM

I believe Gainward also has a water cooled solution

GlowStick 03-31-03 02:09 PM


Originally posted by RobHague
That looks majorly UGLY :eek:
It looks awesome, i like all of the copper.

RobHague 03-31-03 02:37 PM

lol come off it - it looks like it has urinal cakes on the memory and a rather dingy orange cooler that couldnt be less attractive if they tried.

IMHO the gainward card is the worst FX that ive seen at the moment. It has a rather nasty looking cooling system (well ok if you have no case window that may not matter to you - but i do so it does) and on top of that comes with pointless addons. A 5.1 Soundcard and a Firewire card. WHY does gainward assume that when we go shopping for a graphics card we want a firewire and soundcard too??? The most important reason its the worst FX - the price. Its completley OTT. You can get an Ultra by other manufacturers for the price of their standard 5800.

Skuzzy 03-31-03 03:00 PM

Yep,..that's pretty ugly.

Badash 03-31-03 03:36 PM

You might not like the way it looks but with the way the fan comes off it looks like it would be the easiest geforce fx to mod. I wonder what it looks like under the chaintech fans or if the chaintech will ever come out, I haven't seen any new info on it. Gainward is the only company I've seen really hyping the FX ultra on their website.

rover214 12-18-03 06:06 PM

save a bit of money and buy the 5800 nu golden sample and o/c to ultra speeds with minimal extra heat. I have o/c'ed my nu to ultra speeds with around 3-4oC difference.

quik_2_win 12-18-03 09:25 PM

Say what?
This thread has been dead for nine months...
Long live the 5800 Ultra !

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