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Cotita 03-31-03 11:45 AM

Geforce FX MIA


GeForceFX 5800 MIA:
We have now confirmed through multiple sources that it is highly likely that the GeForceFX 5800 (yes, non-Ultra & Ultra) will never show up in major US retail outlets in any quantity whatsoever. I think there are several factors surrounding this and Vince Freeman over at HardwareCentral has some insight in an editorial.

While it's unknown just what fate will befall the GeForce FX 5800 Ultra, it's becoming clear that there are definite allocation issues with Nvidia's high-end chips. Whether it's fabrication partner TSMC failing to make the grade, or issues concerning the card design, I sense that card vendors are waiting for Nvidia to exhale and get them some chips.

Actually I think the guillotine has already fallen and we just have not heard the head hit the basket yet.
Never tought nvidia would have casualties of the war with Iraq....

Paul 03-31-03 11:49 AM

I was expecting the 5800 Ultra to be very scarce, but i'm suprised by the 5800 non-ultra being effectively axed (if all this is true, of course).

Either there are real manufacturing issues, or nVidia are clearing the way for the NV35. Final silicon was anticipated Late April/Early May IIRC.


Moose 03-31-03 12:02 PM

Odd that there is an almost limitless supply of GFFX reviews praising it the heavens, yet there are no GFFX's around.

I'd almost wager that there are more GFFX reviews than there are GFFX's.


ah well the NV35 will be twice as fast... hopefully we'll actually be able to buy one. ;)

Dazz 03-31-03 12:20 PM

What previews have you been reading? Yeah it's fast without FSAA & AF but the bugs using them are pretty bad. Seen the bugs in Splinter Cell & UT2003???

Myrmecophagavir 03-31-03 12:37 PM

I've only ever come across 5800 Ultra models in stock in the UK, the 5800 standard models listed are never available. Has anyone actually got one? Odd that it should happen this way round, when everyone was saying the non-Ultras would be out in force and the Ultras would be scarce.

saturnotaku 03-31-03 12:38 PM


Originally posted by Dazz
Seen the bugs in Splinter Cell & UT2003???
Splinter Cell has problems with FSAA on both NVIDIA and ATI cards. This is an issue the developer is aware of. Now whether or not it gets corrected remains to be seen.

jAkUp 03-31-03 01:08 PM

i have no problems with splinter cell with aa at 1600x1200

StealthHawk 03-31-03 04:31 PM

what are the bugs it has in UT2003?

Steppy 03-31-03 04:33 PM


Originally posted by jAkUp
i have no problems with splinter cell with aa at 1600x1200
Yeah you do, AFAIK it's a game problem with both ATI and Nvidia cards.

RobHague 03-31-03 04:50 PM


I hope i manage to snag one before they vannish. :(

SurfMonkey 03-31-03 04:51 PM

It would seem that the FX 5800, ultra and none ultra versions, are making their way into the retail channel. But very, very slowly.

Now that could be down to TSMC not being able to ramp up production of the NV30, and so only a few are trickling out.

Or maybe nvidia are busting a gut to get the market swamped with 5600's and 5200's where they can make some real cash, and for the time being is letting the high end do what it wants. Maybe they are confident that their reputation will be enough to carry them through this patch.

Then again, we may never even see the NV30 is any great numbers at all. Maybe the NV35 will be slipped in as the high end gpu this summer and replace the NV30 that never was.

Total speculation mode :D

nvidia knew that the NV30 was going to be a little... dissapointing!!, but really needed to get to grips with the .13u process so that they could produce a real killer given time. But ATi suprised them by bringing out with something that was actually good and fast.

Suddenly nvidia realised that they actually might need to compete this quarter so they virtually launch a card that on paper and in the press is an ATi killer. Just like everyone is expecting, only it never actually arrives. Because nvidia knows that it stinks and can't really compete. It's a test piece and should never have seen the light of day. But lots of people sit around waiting for the card to arrive, meanwhile nvidia concentrate on the revenue makers and suddenly get nice feed back from a new and recent foundry partner about their refresh chip.

Which is everything that the NV30 should have been and a little bit more, just for sh1ts and giggles. And this is what we will see instead of the NV30. So it was never really MIA because, apart froma few collectors items, it was never, and will never be, IA never mind M!! ;)

Total Speculation Off

RobHague 03-31-03 04:55 PM

Who knows we could all be supprised and see them in retail stores soon eh? :)

Ive been told by a store they are getting in 2 PNY models (Ultra) 2morrow so fingers crossed (has a pre-order).

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