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VuDu 06-22-07 06:09 AM

Force scaling on terminal/framebuffer
I'd like to change the scaling method to Centered so that even when starting GRUB and on the terminals letters don't get stretched.
The NVIDIA X Server Settings only apply to X and since I use the Flat's native resolution for 99% of the time, it's pretty useless to me.
I know other graphics card that behave like that AR-Scale this, and some don't even stretch at all.
That'd be great because those fat blurred letters don't look good at all and since I reboot and use the terminal a lot I get to see them a lot too. lol


lloeki 06-25-07 05:44 AM

Re: Force scaling on terminal/framebuffer
see if there's a bios setting for that.

I think there's no chance the X driver supports that, because it's indeed an X driver, and making it influence VESA modes would be a 'side-effect' (in the programmation meaning), and that is HIGHLY undesireable, as it can/will lead to various inconsistencies and unexpected results, thus an open door to bugs.

In fact, some time ago, the X driver was just doing that, which led to totally unpredictable VT display. hopefully now it is always 100% consistent with the BIOS setting.

VuDu 06-25-07 07:50 AM

Re: Force scaling on terminal/framebuffer
Thanks, but do you know any tool to tweak BIOS settings for Linux?

lloeki 06-27-07 05:54 AM

Re: Force scaling on terminal/framebuffer
if there's no option in your computer's bios, then you're out of luck.
you may try to use a framebuffer console at highest resolution, it makes those things less noticeable.
for me on a 1280x800 panel, a fb at 1024x768 makes the deformation hardly noticeable.

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