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N.H.B 03-31-03 05:27 PM

How do I get my gffx 5800 ultra agp8x?
When I go into settings and advanced tab my bus setting says agp4x how can I get it to say 8x???:confused:

jAkUp 03-31-03 05:30 PM

well you need to first make sure your mobo supports 8x

N.H.B 03-31-03 05:34 PM

yes it does.:confused:

walkndude 03-31-03 06:49 PM

Still not sure which agp mini-port agp driver your using nhb, but I think I remember you asking what differences there were in the 1.14 and and 1.15 in relation to version 1.12...

I know that in the list for fixes in the 1.14 version 8x agp functionality was at the top of the list. More likely than not it probably has something to do with the order in which the drivers are installed, as in updated agp drivers then nvidia drivers. Wish I could be more helpful...

N.H.B 03-31-03 06:55 PM

Im running sis agp1.15 drivers. Also I just found out that my bios didnt update to f5 and is still f2 (these are bios versions for my board). Ill try and update again. :eek:

Myrmecophagavir 03-31-03 07:13 PM

You need to enter BIOS setup when your computer is booting and set your AGP rate in there.

N.H.B 03-31-03 07:17 PM

I did and there isnt an option for 8x, and dont understand i know this board and video card supports 8x.:(

jAkUp 03-31-03 07:20 PM

yea try updating your bios to the latest version

N.H.B 03-31-03 07:23 PM

I did update, this boards latest bios is "f5" and reflects that on one of the boot up screens but sandra still says "f2" which is older.?.?.?:confused:

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