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Floppie 06-25-07 09:03 PM

Poor Performance; OpenGL Error - 100.14.11
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I have two issues. The first, and more pressing, issue is that nVidia's 32-bit OpenGL libraries are not working. At all. It seems to be an issue with the compile, but I've only looked at it briefly before making this post. The second is the poor performance I have been getting from my card - since purchase, not just since these drivers; I've just had it on the back burner.

Details on the first issue - I was getting an error message from applications' output, reading something to the effect of "Unable to load /usr/lib/libGLcore.so.1: invalid ELF header(format?)". I know at first it was unable to load the one in /usr/lib64 as well, but I believe I got that fixed with a rerun of the nVidia installer. Now I believe the issue is only with the /usr/lib ones. However, it's difficult to get output from these apps - because 99% of the time, the system completely hangs. No response, no activity light, no CTRL+ALT+F1-F6; I haven't tried SSHing in because I don't have another box running on the network right now, so it may just be the X server hanging. Oh well, back to 9782.

Details on the second issue - I definitely have hardware rendering enabled ("direct rendering: Yes" as per `glxinfo`) - however, most games perform as if I'm running them with onboard video (except, they don't eat CPU time like they would if I were running onboard). This, obviously, is less pressing.

I am running openSuSE 10.2 on x86-64 (AMD optimized kernel). Kernel is optimized to use very few modules. Attached is a copy of the nvidia-bug-report created when I was running 100.14.11.

netllama 06-25-07 09:28 PM

Re: Poor Performance; OpenGL Error - 100.14.11
I have a few questions:
0) You stated that the kernel is optimized. Did you build this kernel, or did you obtain it from a different source? Normally, official SUSE kernels are not optimized in this fashion.
1) There appear to be problems with alot of your kernel modules:
ath_hal: disagrees about version of symbol struct_module
wlan: disagrees about version of symbol struct_module
ath_rate_sample: disagrees about version of symbol struct_module
ath_pci: disagrees about version of symbol struct_module
2) Its not clear how you determined that having the system hang means that the 32bit OpenGL library isn't working. Can you clarify this?
3) Can you elaborate on the performance problems? Which games are exhibiting the problem, and how is it evident? If you disable the Composite extension in xorg.conf, does that improve performance?
4) Did you verify that you're using the latest motherboard BIOS?


Floppie 06-25-07 11:46 PM

Re: Poor Performance; OpenGL Error - 100.14.11
0: I built it myself. I agree, SuSE kernels are pretty poor from an optimization standpoint ;)

1: Yes, ever since I ran cable to this room for a switch, I haven't used the wireless card. I don't even bother loading those modules anymore; I'm not sure why the errors are being output at startup.

2: A couple times, the system didn't totally hang. I was able to get output from the (either crashed or unusable) applications, stating that there was an error with libGLcore.so; however, when it did hang, it occurred during the same operations as the error output. 100% definitive? No, but it's a start.

3: Most of the games I play are Windoze games, using either WINE or Cedega. Most often I play EverQuest 1, using Cedega. However, every game I play; ranging from EQ, to Dungeon Siege 2, to Starcraft (I can't say it's a noticeable issue here - 10 year old games ftw ;)), to all native games that came with my distro; exhibit a poor frame rate. 99% of the time it isn't enough to make the game unplayable, but it is annoying. Even disabling composite extensions, I still get a steady 75ish FPS in glxgears. No, the 7300GS isn't a high-end card, but it's not on-board - I should be getting several thousand frames per second in glxgears.

4: Yes. I updated it recently, and there was no change.

netllama 06-26-07 09:54 AM

Re: Poor Performance; OpenGL Error - 100.14.11
If you're getting 75FPS in glxgears, it seems that you might have sync to vblank turned on. Please check whether this is the case.

I'd also be curious whether these problems are also present with an official SUSE kernel.

Floppie 06-26-07 11:04 AM

Re: Poor Performance; OpenGL Error - 100.14.11
Yes, they were present with the official SuSE kernels. I built my own in hopes that I'd get a performance improvement ;)

I'll try changing the sync to VBLANK option - give me a few minutes to reboot.

EDIT: It occurred to me I can just restart the X server. Soon as my downloads finish I'll give it a shot.

Floppie 06-26-07 12:40 PM

Re: Poor Performance; OpenGL Error - 100.14.11
Well, my power blinked out, so it turns out I was rebooting anyway.

And to no avail. I still get only 75FPS in glxgears; disabling Sync to VBlank in both the texture and blitter adapters in nvidia-settings, then restarting the X server, should do the trick right? If not, what steps should I follow to ensure that VBlank syncing is fully disabled?

netllama 06-26-07 12:44 PM

Re: Poor Performance; OpenGL Error - 100.14.11
You should not need to restart X to make this change. What is the output from running 'env' ?

Floppie 06-26-07 12:55 PM

Re: Poor Performance; OpenGL Error - 100.14.11
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netllama 06-26-07 01:09 PM

Re: Poor Performance; OpenGL Error - 100.14.11
Did you disable sync to vblank under OpenGL Settings in nvidia-settings?

Floppie 06-26-07 01:18 PM

Re: Poor Performance; OpenGL Error - 100.14.11
That does the trick there. Thanks ;)

Aside from that, I still have the issue of system hangs with 100.14.11 - the issue isn't terribly pressing, as I can just run 97.62, but it'd be nice to have resolved, because the list of updates sounds like there are some performance benefits, among other things.

It seems like an issue with the compile script in the nVidia installer - odd that the binary would be coming out with invalid headers.

netllama 06-26-07 01:22 PM

Re: Poor Performance; OpenGL Error - 100.14.11
We've tested 100.14.11 with SUSE-10.2 and never seen the errors or problems that you're reporting. Additionally, no one else has reported these problems.

Other than the kernel, what else isn't stock SUSE-10.2 on your system?

Floppie 06-26-07 01:31 PM

Re: Poor Performance; OpenGL Error - 100.14.11
Well, off the top of my head, I use CVS-driven WINE RPMs, for starters. This would explain the issue if it occurred only in WINE - naturally though, this is not the case ;)

Aside from that, Cedega isn't stock - but it's the same Cedega all the other subscribers use, and I use the -suse RPM. Looking through YAST, most of my installation sources are official SuSE repositories. The only ones that are not official are http://packman.unixheads.com/suse/10.2 and http://us4.samba.org/samba/ftp/Binar.../SuSE/3.0/10.2 - both, although not official, are made specifically for SuSE. All others are auto-detected SuSE update repos, or http://software.opensuse.org/download/ repos, each specific repo being /openSUSE_10.2 or /SL10.2, etc.

The only software I've installed outside of using YAST/Zen would be end-user apps, such as games or Cedega, and the nVidia driver, for which I run the installer and let it compile the kernel interface on its own. I use SuSE's own kernel-source RPM, the only changes I make are configuration. I haven't applied any patches. I don't install core system packages outside of RPM, such as libc or X.

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