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Matthyahuw 03-31-03 10:01 PM

Tried to install Mandrake 9.1
I can't get the OS to install...

I run it from the CDs (downloaded them twice, burnt them 3 times), but when I make a choice, it thinks about it too long, and eventually coming to the part that you are about to choose install packages, it sat there about 1/2 hour or more with a frozen screen (but the mouse moved).

I gave up after 5 times trying to install it sitting there forever each time.

I have a Soltek nF2 mobo MCP (no T). And even with WinXP I have long pause @ bootup, I dunno if it's related or not, but any info or help is good, thx!

Matthyahuw 04-02-03 10:58 AM

Anyone see a FAQ on this somewhere???

I know I'm not the only one with this issue, but I can't find anything on it...

Andy Mecham 04-02-03 01:11 PM

I haven't seen this. Guess we should try to start eliminating possibilities...

Does it occur in text mode as well?


Matthyahuw 04-02-03 09:20 PM

here's what I tried from some hints around the net...

disable the onboard NIC, still hangs, also tried text mode, still hangs in the same spots as graphical mode, something's wacky...

Amazing Iceman 04-03-03 07:42 AM

That happened to me. Do you have more than one CD-ROM drive?
It could be that it was mounting the incorrect drive. Either insert the CD on your second CD-ROM, or switch to the consoles to see what the problem is. In csome cases you may need to mount the CD manually.

Matthyahuw 04-03-03 10:32 AM

I have a burner and a DVD ROM, I burnt it, then used the DVD ROM to read and boot off of, reads faster for me, but I'll try it and give it a shot...thx

xodeus 04-04-03 01:37 AM

I suggest that you burn the images with lower speed & on some better media. I burn on Mr. Platinum

mceachrw 04-11-03 01:09 PM

try a hd install
quit wasting cds. try the hd install procedure. if you have a fat32 partition, decompress the isos there. move only the rpm2 and rpm3 dir for cds 2 and 3 to the place you extracted cd1 under the mandrake dir. under the the images dir, there is a file hd.img. write that to a floppy. boot it and follow the instructions.

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