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Nyghtwing 06-28-07 01:19 PM

OC Information.
I want to OC my Cpu and video card but not got alot of information or skill Ocing anything. I have gotten my CPU to 3Ghz but have since retured to stock because it was was not running stable. Can you guys give me some information or post some links to information on how i can OC my CPU and my Video card. Check Sig for PC specs. on 3dMark06 with CPU at 3GHz i have gotten 9500.

Thanks in advance.

ATOJAR 06-28-07 01:59 PM

Re: OC Information.
Firstly for you cpu, i dont know what speed that ram is so ill tell you how i have mine set for 3.0GHz (over 12 hours orthos tested & rock stable)

In the jumperfree config in your bios.

CPU Frequency [333]
DRAM Frequency [667MHz] (1:1 ratio)
Memory Voltage [1.95v]
CPU Voltage [1.2750v]

the graphics card is the really easy part, use rivatuner v2.01 to overclock! ... you could even flash the cards biso like i have so the card runs a good speeds without even using and 3rd party tool!

XDanger 06-29-07 10:35 PM

Re: OC Information.
raise your fsb 10% then test (using orthos) then raise 3mhz ,test, raise 3mhz test etc ,till it blows up ,then lower your fsb.

Sorry ,before it blows up you'll get a fault ,then lower the fsb and think about adjusting your voltages.

Im raising my fsb 2-4mhz a day till I start smelling the smoke they put in there.

1.2750 for 3.00ghz is better than any listed on that hard forum core2 overclock chart thingy well done.
http://www.hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1138241 a good reference

Im off to lower my NB

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