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Keyper7 06-30-07 01:02 PM

Quick question...
If I'm using the nvidia binaries and the noapic kernel parameter, I get kernel panic when trying to sleep or hibernate. Without any of those two, suspend and hibernate work fine. Does it make sense to expect that NVIDIA will eventually release a driver that fixes this problem? Or this is more likely to be a driver-unrelated problem?

Keyper7 06-30-07 02:54 PM

Re: Quick question...
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System is a HP Pavilion DV6258SE: Turion X2 with GeForce Go 6150.
Attaching the bug report below, but I don't know if it's going to be very
useful because the kernel panic doesn't allow me to generate a bug
report after trying to sleep/hibernate...

Attachment 26523

Keyper7 06-30-07 02:58 PM

Re: Quick question...
Oh, and I forgot: I do have Beryl installed, but the problem happens with
Beryl disabled and even on the gdm screen, so it's unlikely that it has
something to do with it.

By the way, I'm currently using 100.11.14, which was the first binary driver
that allowed me to switch to text mode with no problems (hanging or garbled

pe1chl 06-30-07 04:59 PM

Re: Quick question...

Originally Posted by Keyper7
I'm using the noapic kernel parameter


Keyper7 06-30-07 06:12 PM

Re: Quick question...

Originally Posted by pe1chl

Oh, forgot about that, sorry.

Before installing the binary drivers, I needed the noapic parameter, otherwise
X wouldn't start (I got stuck in a black screen when it's supposed to start).

After installing the binary drivers, the problem with X didn't occur anymore,
but the boot occasionaly hanged before even trying to start X. I couldn't
notice any pattern on the moments of hanging: they seemed random. Also,
the system as a whole felt much more unstable without noapic: more lags,
random freezing and programs crashing.

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