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idn 06-30-07 09:35 PM

Dual 1920x1200 setup possible for 8600GTS?
Hi, I am in the processing of upgrading my system, before I do I want to check my setup will work under Linux. I am going to have a 8600GTS and with is I want to have a dual monitor setup, hopefully two 1920x1200 monitors or maybe one 1920x1200 and one 1680x1050 monitor if money won't allow it :)

So I am wondering is its possible for someone to let me know if this is possible, I think the card should allow it, I just wonder if there is any Linux specific issue that won't allow it.

Thank you for your time...

pe1chl 07-01-07 06:35 AM

Re: Dual 1920x1200 setup possible for 8600GTS?
This should work ok on anything above a 6xxx.
In the 5xxx series of cards you will hit some bandwidth limitation when playing video.

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