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bldgengineer 07-01-07 09:55 AM

can't get to 1680x1050 after 100.14.11 install
The whole story:
a couple of days ago ubuntu released a new kernel update and suprise suprise, the 100.14.09 drivers no longer worked. So I reset back to the nv driver, downloaded the 100.14.11 driver, installed fine, restarted x, and everything started nice and easy. Then I tried to reset to my 1680x1050 configuration through nVidia x server settings in system tools and all I get is a jumbled screen where everything is out of place. Its displayed as if it was 1680x1050 but it looks like one of those games where you slide the squares around until you get the picture.

Anyway, when I wait for it to reset itself the screen goes blank and I have to reset the computer. I know this isn't a nvidia but I seem to get the best help here.

Oh yeah I'm not sure how to run the nvidia bug report after this happens. If you know please tell me.

bldgengineer 07-01-07 10:02 AM

Re: can't get to 1680x1050 after 100.14.11 install
just got it working. Sorry guys, I was scrolling through the xorg.conf file when I saw the line "dpkg-reconfigure-phigh xserver-xorg" and remembered what to do.

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