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avirox 07-01-07 04:25 PM

6800GT no longer displaying red - help!
Hi guys - I did a search on the forums but I couldn't find anything really on it. Apparently my video card (A BFG 6800GT) is no longer displaying the color red. This happened right after i moved the comp & monitor in from another room. I came to the conclusion that it's the video card because I took the monitor and tried it on another computer and red worked fine there. Also when connecting it, I saw mini sparks flying out from the video card's input O.o. If someone could help me out I'd greatly appreciate it. (PS the video card and the computer both seem to be working fine, just without the color red). Thanks,

Edit: It also lacks red before it gets into windows (IE the windows logo) so it cant be a driver issue...

Blakhart 07-01-07 09:26 PM

Re: 6800GT no longer displaying red - help!

Did you check for any bent pins in the connector? If the pins are ok, I bet the card is fried. Got warranty?

avirox 07-01-07 10:36 PM

Re: 6800GT no longer displaying red - help!
yeah the pins are ok, and yeah I got a lifetime warranty a'la BFG. I called them and they told me to ship it to 'em. Still, I'd like to have fixed it without having to wait a week or so.. but a sweet deal nonetheless!

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