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Zapablast05 07-02-07 04:25 AM

3DMark 03/nTune/BIOS
Ok, so I finally overclocked my RAM, CAS 3 4-4-5-12-(2T Command) and I got a stable CPU frequency at 2.50Ghz. The problem is with my GPU and PCI-E clock. If I set my PCI-E clock to run at 2,950Mhz and turn RGB on Turbo in the BIOS, does it cancel each other out? The reason why I ask is because I get different Marks on 03. I also get different Marks if I set the PCI-E clock at 2,950Mhz through nTune. Also, I don't know if it's the overclocking or my driver but my graphics skip a frame every 2 seconds...

Zapablast05 07-02-07 04:29 AM

Re: 3DMark 03/nTune/BIOS
On a side note, I've been overclocking since 7PM yesterday night till right now. Talk about dedicated, lol. I still have not found out what's making my graphics skip a frame.. Any clues? It does this in games too!

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