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wysiwyg 08-20-02 10:47 AM

Hitman 2 Demo


Cereal-Killer 08-20-02 11:08 AM

Downloading right now, nice! :)

Is this the real thing though, only 48mb?

de><ta 08-20-02 11:09 AM

yes it is real

hope it has fps mode in it

the beta was still developing the fps.

nin_fragile14 08-20-02 05:57 PM

Pretty sweet demo, I'll probably buy the full version when it comes out. Much easier to play than the first one.

de><ta 08-21-02 09:31 AM

It is supposed to be a lot more challenging than the previous one. And in this one you do not have to go into the jungle and all that. And the hits actually are set out over a longer time frame, instead of just go to the hotel and kill. You actually have to plan it out over various phases. AI also has been improved a fair bit.

With this game it is guaranteed that for each level there are ATLEAST 5 ways of finishing it. And there are 11 levels. Hence i cant wait till the proper version comes out. The soundtrack is not as good as the first one though and the fps mode does not for some reason feel right...

Matthyahuw 08-21-02 09:59 AM

It's fair so far...I got Hitman1 for Christmas when it 1st came out, and I dropped that like a ton of bricks...too liniar, and I got stuck at one spot, so I quit...It's gonna be real hard for them to get my money this time...

fishlung 08-21-02 12:45 PM

That's why you wait for the reviews. ;) The first Hitman was horribly done. I played the first couple levels and immediately got rid of it. This one should be heaps better, and playable at least, unlike the first one. ;)

LordVampyre 08-21-02 03:46 PM

I dumped this after about 10minutes...
was a big yawn to me..
oh well.. thats why I love demos... saves me lots of money!

JohnsonLKD 08-21-02 07:38 PM

It's not working on my computer! It just quits itself after become a blank screen! so uninstalled it! Is it just me or..?

I downloaded it from the filehack...

Nephilim 08-21-02 07:39 PM


SavagePaladin 08-22-02 12:58 AM

I love this demo
didn't expect to, but yay :)
too short though

de><ta 08-22-02 09:53 AM

u need dirx 8.1

and i have noticed that on some ppl compoota's this game always comes up with a black screen. Has something to do with the glacier engine or the driver u have installed.

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