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Fats_43 07-04-07 02:04 PM

Best e6300 OC'ing Heatsink/cooler
Hey all I really would like to OC my 6300 I hear you can get them real high, My issue is I'm not sure what's the best cooling solution for the chip. I don't want to use Water cooling anything but.
Also I am ordering Gigabyte P35-DS3R Intel to do the job, but have 4x1gb ddr2 I believe it's just 667 Value Corsair/ Kingston hybrid err whatever. Will I be able to reach some nice OC speed or am I screwed buying new ram?

Aphot 07-04-07 03:32 PM

Re: Best e6300 OC'ing Heatsink/cooler
You need a lot faster ram to over clock the E6300. I'm using the lowest ram speed right now at 2.8ghz and its 800mHz. Some PC6400 ram can get up to about 1000mHz but its kinda pushing it, you'd be better off getting some PC8000 ram if your really serious about over clocking.

XDanger 07-06-07 02:26 PM

Re: Best e6300 OC'ing Heatsink/cooler
thermalright ultra-120 extreme was the best air cooler last time I looked ,But the block NEEDS lapping, and its VERY heavy.

Tr1cK 07-06-07 02:30 PM

Re: Best e6300 OC'ing Heatsink/cooler
Anandtech has a great compilation of current heat sink reviews.

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