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ekostem 07-05-07 01:01 PM

Fast GPU temperature increase in OpenGL

In my debian etch I realized a high frequency, squeaky noise coming from my speakers while running opengGL apps like glxgears or glui example code.

After checking the gpu temperature I see a jump from 43C to 61C in 10-20 seconds (after that I kill the app). This didn't right to me and I would like to ask if this is normal or not.

Os: debian etch amd64
cpu: dual core opteron
GC: 6800GS, I use driver version: 100.14.11

Thanks for your time in advance...

Thunderbird 07-06-07 07:49 AM

Re: Fast GPU temperature increase in OpenGL
The temperature increase is normal. In 2D mode a card general runs at lower clockspeeds, voltages and fanspeeds. Further big parts of the gpu are unused, so when you move to 3D the GPU will become a lot hotter.

The cause of squeky noise coming from your loudspeakers is likely related to your powersupply. A videocard consumes a lot of power (~100W) and drains the PSU a lot. The 'quality' of the current it creates can decrease in case of a cheap PSU (the current becomes less stable). Soundcards can be sensitive to this.

ekostem 07-06-07 01:02 PM

Re: Fast GPU temperature increase in OpenGL
Comparing to windows, this is not normal though. I tried the same glui example code under windows and didn't have 1C / 1 second increment. This makes me think there are some issues with the driver. That was the reason I mentioned this here. (neither my PSU is a cheap one)

Whatever game I played max temp I've seen was 55C (with no high freq. noise) in my system.

Thanks again.

ekostem 07-06-07 09:31 PM

Re: Fast GPU temperature increase in OpenGL
Ok, I was messing with nvidia-settings and Under OpenGL settings when I check Sync to VBlank both the noise and the temp. increase is eliminated.

pe1chl 07-07-07 03:32 AM

Re: Fast GPU temperature increase in OpenGL
Of course when you do that the running rate of a program like glxgears is very much limited (for example from 5000 to 60 fps) so it is not surprising that the power use of the GPU decreases a lot by that.
I would be happy with 55C. My 6600GT GPU is consistently at over 70C even in 2D mode.

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