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ErrorS 08-20-02 11:00 AM

GF4 IQ.. I need some HONEST opinions..
Odd expecting any from a nVidia fansite.. but I need to know

I am either buying a Radeon8500, a Radeon9500(later down the road) or a GF4 Ti4200 .. As of now I'm 98% sure I'm not getting a GF4 because of image quality..

Only problem is I'm basing Radeon8500's image quality off of my Radeon1s.. which is nearly perfect (anis. filtering in OGL) .. and basing GF4s IQ off of what I see in reviews ..

This page here - http://www.anandtech.com/showdoc.html?i=1645&p=12

be HONEST.. is that what GF4s Anis. filtering looks like?(in comparison to GF4 pic) I know for a FACT that is what Radeon's Anis. filtering looks like(in comparison to my Radeon)..

I wouldn't mind some full screen screenshots of GF4 in quake3 if anyone has any.. with Anis. filtering.. just so I can see for myself how good GF4 looks..

and a couple of questions to people here.. reviewers never seem to cover this crap so asking a GF4 owner is the only way to find out..

Does GF4 support Anis. filtering in D3D? Officially?
Does GF4 have SuperSampling in both D3D and OGL? Heard a while back it did in OGL but not D3D..

I got a couple of problems here.. NO1 i am SPOILED by my Radeon1's good IQ.. the SSFSAA is perfect(slow but best looking with texture filterong on Radeon's Anis. filtering) .. I WILL play a game at 20fps to get the best possible IQ..

I can't get to a firm conclusion from all of these reviews.. SOme recent German reviews of the Radeon9700 show it looking like complete crap.. and the GF4 looking better then my Radeon1.. Most English reviews show Radeon9700 looking as good as my Radeon1(better because of the Trilinear filtering) with FSAA with the GF4 having crap Anis. filtering..

I know this is long.. but the main point is.. I wanna know EXACTLEY how nVidia's Anis. filtering LOOKS(not performs) .. without any bias PoV .. but in comparison to screenshots on other sites.. does your card look like that?


Geek_ 08-20-02 11:58 AM

Re: GF4 IQ.. I need some HONEST opinions..

Originally posted by ErrorS
Does GF4 support Anis. filtering in D3D? Officially?
Does GF4 have SuperSampling in both D3D and OGL? Heard a while back it did in OGL but not D3D..

Umm.... No... and No respectively. Nvidia does not have support for AF in D3D in their drivers and Nvidia does not do Supersampling at all.... your welcome. ;)

FastM 08-20-02 12:22 PM

Image quality this and image quality that....bah

These days it really just comes down to your monitor.

Renzo 08-20-02 06:09 PM

Re: Re: GF4 IQ.. I need some HONEST opinions..

Originally posted by Geek_

Umm.... No... and No respectively. Nvidia does not have support for AF in D3D in their drivers and Nvidia does not do Supersampling at all.... your welcome. ;)

If the drivers don't support anisotropic filtering in D3d, how come I am able to turn it on through registry OR from game options (and it works, though slower than OpenGL one)

No supersampling at all? Then how come OpenGL 4xS AA is using combination of supersampling and multisampling... at least according to nVidia and hardware reviewers.

thcdru2k 08-20-02 06:46 PM

hmm thats weird i have a geforce4 ti4200..and AF seems to be working for me in d3d. you just need to use a program such as rivatuner or anything else. theres 8bit, 16, 32, and 64 bit anistropic in both performance optimized and quality optimized speeds. the image quality is good, and the speed is much faster than the radeon 8500. but if your gonna wait and get a radeon 9500 than get that its obviously going to be the best card when it comes out.

ErrorS 08-20-02 07:08 PM

its not gonna be faster for sure.. the card i think is 4x1 (4 pipes 1 texture per pass or some technical worded **** i dont care about) .. pretty much effectively 128bit memory bus.. so 11GB/s at most.. in comparison to GF4 it's not much higher .. it might actually be slower then GF4 Ti4600 and for all I know it could be priced at $250 .. would make sense.. Radeon9000Pro @ 150 .. 9500 @ 250 .. 9700 @ 350 :-\

anyone by any chance have some quake3 settings with anis. maxed in 1024x768+ that they would be willing to upload somewhere so I could see?

RaggaMuffin 08-20-02 08:41 PM

I tried anisotropic filtering in opengl on my ti4200 but had difficulty telling the difference in wolfenstein and quake. there was a noticeable improvement in medal of honor but it was a bit slow. the reasons why I got the gf4 over the 8500 is because the antialiasing is a lot faster, the drivers are better and it overclocks pretty well. Its a good bit cheaper in the UK too.

I had both a gf2 gts and radeon 1 at one point and found that the gf2 had terrible 2d quality in both desktop and dvd quality in comparison to the radeon. The gf2 was faster but this margin reduced with newer drivers. the xfx ti 4200 has easily as good 2d image quality as the original radeon

I would say get a ti 4200 because the image quality improvement/speed tradeoff by quincunx antialiasing outweighs other benefits that the 8500 might have in anisotropic filtering.

saturnotaku 08-20-02 09:13 PM

1 Attachment(s)
As I've lost my webspace, the best I can do is some shots that highlight the differences between no anisotropic filtering and the max settings. These were taken from q3dm1, playing at 1600x1200 resolution, first with no anisotropic:

saturnotaku 08-20-02 09:15 PM

1 Attachment(s)
And 8x aniso on the same map - BTW, the game was set to also run with trilinear filtering.

G6-200 08-20-02 10:45 PM

People with low bandwidth connections, just hit stop on your browser. :)
These were taken on my GF4 with trilinear filtering enabled, with 4xAA also enabled.
They are also in PNG format to get nice image quality while still getting some compression.
However, each shot is over 1 MB in size.
Not much of a difference between 4x and 8x, I am using the 30.82 driver set.

anisotropic filtering disabled:

2X anisotropic:

4X anisotropic:

8X (max) anisotropic:

Cotita 08-20-02 11:45 PM

I've just received my visiontek geforce4 ti4600 today upgrading from a geforce3 ti200.

I can't say there is any difference in IQ between the 4600 and the ti200 at least to my eyes.

They both have the same IQ even with AF and AA.

Of course the 4600 is soooooo much faster. Everything runs so smooth.

I've seen the Radeon 8500 in action and I gotta say I like the geforce 3/4 IQ better specially with AF.

Anyway I think you will be satisfied with either the radeon8500 or the geforce4 ti4200, both cards perform well and have great image quality.

ErrorS 08-21-02 05:45 AM

well i noticed most people can't notice the difference between even having anis. on and off.. for some reason I can and I do.. heh.. i am the type of person to go into a game just to stand and stare at walls :x i bought Quake3 for benchmarking and screenshots alone..

G6-200 .. Surprised by your pics.. the LOD is sharp as can be and the anis. filtering looks great.. looks like you got vertex lighting on or your gamma sorta high and your FoV is ugly :p but overall GF4 looks surprisingly well..

and saturnotaku .. your pics look almost perfect (sharpness) ..

hmm.. taking what I've seen here into consideration .. I think i'm going to hold off and see how GF4 prices drop.. Not only will they most likely drop since Radeon9700 was released.. but isnt nvidia releasing a higher clocked AGP8X GF4 soon?

Thanks again everyone

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