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Son Goku 07-10-07 04:50 AM

I am getting so tired of pests online
Just now, I got another one of these obnoxious jerks. So I'm leveling an alt on another realm in WoW (quest in zoram strand in ashenvalle, the alt lvl 19, and the mobs about 18-20). Minding my own business when this lvl 64 priest, comes running up from far away of me, and range shots the fricken mob I'm going after, for quest. It's not even like a lvl 64 could get something of benefit from a lvl 20 questing area either, other then pester the people who need to quest/lvl there... True, on my lvl 70 I have gone after furlbogs in Winterspring and stuff that give rep, but, zoram strand? :lol2: I couldn't even be bothered skinning lvl 20 wolves, which is why my rogue now skins, and my hunter dropped it for enchanting. Just not worth it, from a time/money (pet food and arrows) standpoint.

And I wasn't the only person trying, with difficulty to do the quest there either. As this person just kept going around snatching kills right out from under people he ran into, who were actually trying to quest there...

Does it end there? No, as I go off in a different direction a bit of a ways from there; the person fricken then comes up in site of me, and again goes after a target, well I got credit on the second. Now I'm a lil annoyed, let them know I'm not happy about the stealing of my kill, and that I want to be left alone. Nope. The person continues, now it looks like stalking, and every fricken place I go, they keep walkign behind me.

So now I'm telling them I really don't want anything to do with people who take my kills, and all I really want is to do my quest in peace. But no, and after I put the person on ignore, the person continues their physical harassment (as defined by Blizzard's physical harassment policy). I finally have to threaten to report the jerk to Blizzard, with indication that their behaviour is a violation of the TOS agreement, to get rid of this dude.

Is it like I ever met the person before? Nope, as I said, alt on a realm I had not played on previously. I knew no one there, and that alt was created like last night or two on a completely new realm for me. My contacts with people were mostly in starting zones, where if anything I was minding my own business, having a friendly chat or 2 (never any that went sour on that realm prior to then), and helped answer a few questions for things some were asking about.

And it isn't like this is the first such encounter I've had with a-holes such as this person. And of course, in the midst of all of this; the day Gilthanas came to me on some alt I long since forgot even existed some half year earlier, it was people like this individual right here, that left me not much in the mood then to deal with people I didn't know; when I'm expecting more of the same. People like this, that I guess he knew little of, though the lesser gold begger did annoy him.

What the hell is it with some people? As if the beggers and those who constantly pester people for gold, instance runs, rushes, and even computer support questions (to the point complete strangers are putting one on friend's list, to continue pestering them everytime they relog); now one gets those who run up behind, will start taking one's kills. And then when one indicates they want to be left alone, resort to downright stalking. It's fricken creepy.... I'd like to be left alone (and certainly with people who go around doing that sorta thing with the unfortunate soul who happens to be in their path), means I don't want to be constantly stalked and pestered; and people walk off to a different general area of the spawn region for a reason, sheesh


Jon 07-10-07 08:29 AM

Re: I am getting so tired of pests online
Had a guy following me around begging for weapons/armour. I was a few levels higher than him. After all the regular stuff, telling him to go away, ignoring him... he continues to follow me everywhere. So I go into a higher level area hoping he will get killed... he sneaks around and again, he's standing in me! so I go nuts jumping everywhere down the side of a mountain thinking I'll lose him, but instead get myself stuck in the scenery and he's stuck there with me, again inside my character. In the end, I just logged out to get away from him.

Son Goku 07-10-07 05:14 PM

Re: I am getting so tired of pests online
Bleh, life's to short for a-holes like that. Besides, time would be better spent (at 64) questing in Nagrand or Terrokar Forest, then stalking the players around Ashenvalle attempting to steal kills from people actually questing there.

As to the low level begger, I've sometimes thought summoning them onto rocks in Nagrand might set them straight; but there's little except reporting to a game master, that one can do with an arse such as the one I encountered.

I swear some people need their computers taken from them, and then to be sent to bed without dinner :lol2: Right around the time Gilthanas came up to me I gather, on some alt I long since forgot about, one unfortunate day; I had already had it with another such person as last night. But that time I was questing in Winterspring, when the person comes up, trains a whole bunch of mobs on me when I have Ursius (elite lvl 57? bear) down to 76% health and am managing battle. After causing my death, the personthen takes the beast and stands around and verbally assaults me for 20 mins. When I finally said something, he went whining to Blizzard, with a "oh I love reporting people to Bliz. You said.... Oh I can report you now".

Never mind the 20 minutes of verbal assault... Never mind that I was trying to walk away from this sort of thing time and again to try to get away... Now I got a PM from Bliz for having said something to him after all of that. I tried relogging over to another realm, as I had enough.

Life's really too short to have to waiste it dealing with people who go around acting like this :thumbdwn:

nVJoe 07-10-07 05:41 PM

Re: I am getting so tired of pests online
LOL! I screw with these people. A guy keep asking me for money so I told him to meet me in Storm Wind. Of course he was in Ashenvale. I was in Outlands. LOL

But yea, some people are just bored out of their minds and they get a kicks out of annoying other people.

I will kill steal from the Horde or when I am on the Horde side, from the Alliance. I see it as part of the competition of the two factions. LOL! I don't keep doing it but I will drive them out of the area. It's all in fun tho.

Son Goku 07-10-07 05:58 PM

Re: I am getting so tired of pests online
This guy was same faction though, as he ended up on ignore for constantly PSTing me after he did this...

Now the begger I have messed with. One low lvl NE who kept begging for gold, I told him he'd need to take his cloathes off, and dance around Darn naked. He moaned, but I asked him how bad he wanted the money. After he did for awhile, I relogged to check stuff on another char. When I came back 20 minutes latter, he said "I'm still naked Can I have 5 gold now?"

He actually waited in the exact spot I logged off that whole time :D I laughed, and was like "just think of the amount of money you could have made killing and questing in this time you were waiting for me to come back". I mounted up, headed to hipo, and flew off. He PSTed to say "somehow, I think I'm not going to get money now" :rofl

In some ways, those were the days, when the pestering was less. Now it's things like above, or people demanding that a lvl 70 power level them, rush them through Gnomer, and everything else. Combined with being turned into tech support, as people continue to PST every fracken question such as how to point and click their mouse, or load a program...

nVJoe 07-10-07 06:01 PM

Re: I am getting so tired of pests online
I start talking to them like a gold farmer. NE HI! You want epic?

Son Goku 07-18-07 08:01 PM

Re: I am getting so tired of pests online
OK, add another new one to the list. This is just downright rude:

Lantanis used to run into people who would trade window spam him in IF, and chuck lock boxes at him. I actually got one while I was in combat, in some zone. But due to the beggers who trade window spam, I block trades as default. I'm off killing a mob, leveling a rogue alt up some, when out of no where (the guy was behind me, never saw him), I start seeing "x has requested trade. trade refused" spamming the screen.

After about 4-5 times of this, the person whispers me to say:


I need help

Pick my locks.
Never mind that I was in combat at that precise moment. Never mind that I was getting attacked, while killing mobs I needed for a quest. No, I was supposed to stop everything I'm doing, right in the middle of the battle zone, to pick his lock boxes. And, oh yeah, the char was only lvl 33 with about 108 lock picking. I haven't really leveled it all that much yet, as I can focus on it a bit more, latter on, after I have some levels.

Oh, and that's not to mention the lock who goes to take my mobs, after I just walk up for a different quest, fearing everything, etc. So I vanish, and he's unhappy that I wouldn't sit there and kill the stuff for his credit. If he wanted help, couldn't he bother to ask for a party? Bleh, and no, many classes have skills (such as vanish) with which to withdraw from combat, or latter on a lock could banish. Pull that stuff with people at one's own peril. Some won't sit there and be forced to fight.

Hell, my main is a hunter. Someone goes around doing that stuff in Outland, I can feign, and flight mount/fly up. One doesn't even have to get very far off the ground to be out of agro range. That usually sets the matter to straights :D

Meh, that lock was like another I ran into when Gilthanas was away. A different lock, dif realm, who decided to try taking on 20 ogres, in Stormgarde. Yes, the elite ones.. I'd walk somewhere else, trying to find one to attack. He'd keep targeting them also, and then start fearing all the ogres into one another.

As I kept walking over to the side, killing one *over there*; he started to b*tch at me, that I wasn't helping him enough. He swore up and down that I wanted him to die, and how "obligated" he felt I was, to help him kill them all.

:rofl One would be insane to stand in the middle of that. What he did, was tantamount to agroing an entire instance. When I was like "no, I'm just trying to do my quest here"; he got more upset, insisting I just admitted that I wanted him to die, because he was trying to take them all, and it was my obligation to keep him alive for that :lol2:

Ninja Prime 07-18-07 08:59 PM

Re: I am getting so tired of pests online
I'm usually vengenful and evil with such people, going to great legnths to reverse the situation on them and grief them back 'till they log. :firedevil

evilghost 07-18-07 09:03 PM

Re: I am getting so tired of pests online

Son Goku 07-20-07 05:41 PM

Re: I am getting so tired of pests online
We had 2 people on the guild vent server; one who named them selves God, the other who named themselves Jesus; and 2 tagged their prank. The people didn't shout and curse, they just placed a password on vent server, and banned them.

Soylent 07-28-07 03:12 PM

Re: I am getting so tired of pests online
I quit the game about a year and a half ago for a couple of reasons.

If the group wipes repeatedly, you are English speaking, and you still fail to understand simple concepts that have been repeatedly explained to you, you are retarded, there is no other explanation. It's just so tedious to play with people who fail to understand such simples concepts as: if everyone nukes a mob of their own it's almost impossible for a warrior tank to keep aggro, and that is not the tank's fault; don't chain pull if the healer is out of mana; don't run away from the tank and cast instants on the mob if you get aggro; no, the warlock is not stealing all the soul shards(!) etc. Every time you bring someone you don't know into a PuG it's like playing russian roulette, except the stakes are two hours of your time.

PvP in WoW would be almost sort of OK if people tried to accomplish the objectives and took tactical information from teammates into consideration instead of honour farming. AV was hell on Earth, it would be fine if one round didn't last for a whole entire day(sometimes multiple days) and if it didn't attract idiots; but its only use was keeping a few awful players out of the other battle grounds.

So that leaves raiding. In a decent guild it was quite enjoyable unless you're a sociophobe. The problem I have with raiding was that once you've learned the encounters and got them on farm they become tedious very quickly and you can't actually just stop doing the instance. And the worst let down is that in all guild not on the bleeding edge you are expected to study the encounter and tactics before you ever play it; you will never get to experience the encounter like it should be and figure out the tactics for yourselves as a team because loot is apparently more important than having fun.

By far, WoWs biggest drawback for me is the people playing it.

Son Goku 07-29-07 01:37 AM

Re: I am getting so tired of pests online
Oh man, bringing unknowns into an instance. Several months ago, on my horde realm we had a guy who was in the guild over there from the beginning; and his friends apperently allowed him to need all the drops. He was an enchanter, and somewhere along the way he got a sense of entitlement "because my friends let me do it".

So now (and the gates of AQ not being open on the realm), the guild leader and some others had an idea we could go open it. He transfered in from a much more established realm, and so knew the steps necessary to open it all. So my Orc hunter there was 56 or 57 at the time (this was many, many months ago), and the guild was running LBRS, to get the UBRS key, so that people could proceed with the BWL attunement. I was rushing some lvls, so that I could hit a lvl to get the alt (my main then was a 60+ NE hunter over on Aman'Thul) to a lvl to go down there.

It ends abruptly when this individual went needing every single item in raid, and then b*tched when the co-GM needed only 1 item (after having passed on practically everything), which was better then what she had, and was an item she equiped immediately.

This followed by a half hour argument between this person; who insisted he did need all the drops, for enchanting mats, "how else will I make money on this run?", and the GM who was telling him, that one person can't just go around needing everything in a raid; that it isn't fair to everyone else. He was like "well my friends let me, and because they have for many months, you're obligated to do so, also".

After about a half hour of this, and complaining how he couldn't get his way (which ended up leaking out into guild chat), he hearthed out, mid-raid; and was de-ranked in the guild rankings. The next day he got all upset about the end of rank, and slowly began a campaign to convince all the lvl 60+s to leave the guild and come join him. It ended with his friends saying "he is wrong, but lets not make this about him, because he's a friend."

I was 57 then, when the guild disolved; wondering what I'd do, as a lvl 50+ unguilded is usually seen, rather badly by whoever one might try to get in with. Didn't play that alt much then (went back to my other realm), until I got that mess straightened out.

This sorta thing is just not enjoyable. I'd rather play with some friends, and with some individuals I know something about and have had a good time with; then go through this sorta nonsense. I do play yes, but life is just way too short for some individuals who go around life, expecting complete strangers to just willingly subjugate themselves to this sorta thing, with some sense of entitlement behind it.

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