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rmag 07-10-07 02:25 PM

Duel head problems
Hello all,
I'm using a gForce 7300 card for duel heading in CentOS linux 4.
I've looked all over the for the following thing :
I want that each monitor will have his own desktops , for example- monitor one own Desctop 1&3 , monitor two will own Desctops 2&4.
I've gooled a lot and all I've came up with were Xinera solutions - Span the desctop, which work fine , but not what I want and the twinView , which also works yet also only spanning the desctop.
So is the situation I've described , even possible?

pe1chl 07-10-07 02:42 PM

Re: Duel head problems
Yes, see the driver README. You can set up two different screens.
Depending on the window manager you use, you can define different settings for each of them (different background, taskbar layout etc). You can move the mouse between the desktops but you cannot drag a window from one desktop to the other.

rmag 07-11-07 02:39 AM

Re: Duel head problems
I've seen the driver's readme , but to my understanding the readme's soolution imply 2 running window managers , which do not share a lippord and you can't shift windows from one to another. What I want is one window manager spreading his desktops on different monitors so every desktop can live only on one monitor and each monitor has one or many desktops. For example When I move to Desctop 1 im on monitor 1, when I move to Desctop 2 I'm automaticly on monitor 2.

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