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Goos 04-02-03 04:57 AM

K7NCR18G-Pro Help
Hello all,

I am brand new to the Linux world. I went to a local Linux install-fest here in stl. At the end of the day, We have found that I needed to build an nvidia kernel to get the drivers for all of the stuff on this board to work.

Here is a link to what I am challenged with:

I see that RH9.0 is just out and hear alot about this release having many updates to the nvidia world. Heres my questions----

What would I need to do inorder to get this beast running on these drivers? (being brand new in this world, I have no idea of where or what to do) Or would i be better off removing RH8.0 from this machine and start over with 9.0?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.!!!!

Thank you

erwos 04-02-03 07:41 AM

You don't need to build an "nVidia kernel". Rather, you need to build the kernel module and the drivers, or download an RPM or something. Actually, you shouldn't need to do more than download and execute the new nVidia drivers at this point - supposedly their installer is pretty much fool-proof. The drivers can be found on their website.

As for RedHat 9 - if it's not too much of a hassle, I would recommend putting it on, as it'll save you from downloading the umpteen million security fixes that you need for RedHat 8.0. The only even relatively-tricky part of installing is partitioning, and the RedHat installer will prevent you from doing anything too horrible or wrong.


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