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lprefontaine 07-12-07 08:34 PM

TwinView & Ubuntu - bad DFP display
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I used nvidia-settings to configure xorg.conf with the two displays of my
Quadro2 MXR/EX/Go on two different desktops.

The two displays have been detected, I restarted the X-Window server
but the DFP display is ugly. It's like if it was using a different color depth
for the DFP display.

I installed Ubuntu yesterday on a WindowsXP desktop, both displays
were working fine under Windows XP before the Ubuntu installation.

First installation a couple of weeks ago showed the same
problem. On both desktops the restricted nvidia driver has been used.

Searches in various forums and attempts to apply found recipes on the
first desktop did not solve the issue.

The first desktop had hardware options swapped in/out, we did the
installation on a proven configuration yesterday,
everything was working under Windows XP.

What's wrong here ? Is this card supported properly or not ? Is there an
option I should enable ?

Any ideas ? The second display is unusable...

lprefontaine 07-12-07 08:43 PM

Re: TwinView & Ubuntu - bad DFP display
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Forgot to add the xorg0.log file in the previous post...

netllama 07-12-07 10:25 PM

Re: TwinView & Ubuntu - bad DFP display
If this problem persists with 1.0-9639, please start X with the following command:
startx -- -logverbose 6

and then generate and attach a new bug report.


lprefontaine 07-17-07 12:19 AM

Re: TwinView & Ubuntu - bad DFP display
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I update to 1.0-9639, restarted the system and no changes.

Here are the bug report and the Xorg log file.

Too bad I cannot take a picture of the screen and post it somewehre.
It almost feels like if it was
using shades of gray except that the grey has been replaced by the
color of the default ubuntu desktop background (kind of brown).
The grading is also not too good looking, it looks like a coarsed grain picture.

Any idea ?

Thank you,


netllama 07-17-07 10:11 AM

Re: TwinView & Ubuntu - bad DFP display
I don't see much in your bug report that would suggest that this is a driver problem.

Is there a reason why you're requesting a "1600x1200" mode when all of your metamodes are 1280x1024 or smaller?

Is this problem only present when using Twinview?

lprefontaine 07-17-07 03:07 PM

Re: TwinView & Ubuntu - bad DFP display
I am not asking for a 1600x1200 mode as far as I know.

Using nvidia-settings, I asked for a resolution of 1280x1024 for each

According to the screen resolution panel in gnome, I currently use 2560x1024.
This fits the resolution chosen in nvidia-settings (1280x1024 for both displays).

The resolution choices available are the following:



And that fits what is shown in nvidia-settings (for both displays).

1600x1200 does not fit at all with what is visible about the configuration.

Is there a glitch between gdm and the driver about the display sizes ?
That could explain the odd look.

We tried to use two different X screens and we had the same problem.

Any idea where that wrong mode request comes from ?

netllama 07-17-07 03:10 PM

Re: TwinView & Ubuntu - bad DFP display
1600x1200 is explicitly requested in the xorg.conf in the bug report that you provided. I'd suggest removing it if you're not interested in using that mode.

Does this problem persist if you're only using the DFP (a single display)?

lprefontaine 07-17-07 05:26 PM

Re: TwinView & Ubuntu - bad DFP display
I edited the xorg.conf file to remove the 1600x1200 mode. Looks
like it has been added by nvidia-settings.

I used nvidia-settings to disable CRT-0 and applied the change
and yes the DFP display is messed up in the same fashion.


netllama 07-17-07 06:00 PM

Re: TwinView & Ubuntu - bad DFP display
I'd like to see another verbose bug report generated with this configuration.

lprefontaine 07-19-07 07:28 PM

Re: TwinView & Ubuntu - bad DFP display
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Here' s the bug report. I could not restart X with only the DFP display enabled.
The configuration reverts to twinview. Looks like CRT-0 is required at all times.

I forgot to mention, we also tried with Suse 10 on the first desktop and had the same behavior.
I cannot remember the driver version but it was 1-0.96xx.

Initially I suspected the hardware but now we are working on untouched
hardware that was working under Windows XP just before installing
Ubuntu. (I was about to say that the desktop was working well under
XP... gulp, the system is 2-3 times faster with Ubuntu ;) ).

netllama 07-19-07 08:37 PM

Re: TwinView & Ubuntu - bad DFP display
I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean by "the configuration reverts to twinview". There's nothing in the nvidia driver that would cause this behavior.

I'll need to see a bug report without Twinview.

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