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dascope 07-13-07 12:30 PM

Centering screen on my HDTV with VGA-out

I have a dual monitor setup with these 2 screens:

-Computer monitor: Dell 2407FPW
-HDTV: Samsung HL-T6187S

using a GeForce 7600GT (dual DVI out)

I have my LCD monitor connected via DVI and my TV via VGA (using a DVI-to-VGA adapter). Using nvidia-settings, it automatically setups both of my screens with the optimal resolution and fresh rates.

My only issues is that I am missing maybe half an inch of the right side of the screen on my TV. With Windows, the image is perfectly centered. How can I adjust my TV-out image with Linux? I need to push the screen maybe 20 pixels to the left.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

tgm4883 07-13-07 12:37 PM

Re: Centering screen on my HDTV with VGA-out
I had this same problem, just your TV this setting. You will have to be in the VGA mode when doing so.

dascope 07-13-07 12:56 PM

Re: Centering screen on my HDTV with VGA-out
Thank you for the reply - My Samsung HL-T6187S is on the PC input (VGA), it should already be in VGA mode. I noticed that I can actually play with the image position and move the screen on my TV, unfortunately the 20 or so pixels missing on the left hand side are still missing... As it works perfectly with Windows, I have a feeling it is a driver/configuration thing...

On another note, there is a small black border (half an inch) all around the image, I would have thought since it's setup for 1920x1080 that it would fit the screen perfectly but for some reason I have a small black border all around the image - same results with Windows, except I do not have missing pixels... Any ideas?

dascope 07-13-07 03:58 PM

Re: Centering screen on my HDTV with VGA-out
I am surprised I am not getting more input on this- As a Linux user, I'm sure there is a bunch of people out there with HTPCs (using MythTV and such).

Any help on this would be immensly appreciated! Thanks!

pe1chl 07-14-07 01:17 AM

Re: Centering screen on my HDTV with VGA-out
It is normal that a TV crops off some pixels. This is to allow for transient effects that are common in tv signals. It is in the SMPTE 274m spec that 16 pixels should be dropped.
You should use a SMPTE 274m standard modeline before trying to create something by cut-and-try. That will probably fix the border problem.

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