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kriko 07-13-07 12:47 PM

DVI doesn't work
I just bought a DVI cable, so I can move the vga one to another computer. I have a CRT IBM p260, but when I have only DVI cable, there is no picture (I rebooted pc). Monitor is also set to input 2 (input 1 is vga).
I reattached vga cable (both cables were attached), so I executed nvidia settings, clicked detect display, and it was correctly recognised! However when I enable it (clone mode), there is no picture when switching to input 2!
I also tried other alignements (right of, left of, bottom....) nothing seems to work.

What could be the problem?

EDIT: Cable is a 5 metre DVI-D

kriko 07-13-07 02:40 PM

Re: DVI doesn't work
I think I figured out - I have DVI-D, but I should use DVI-A or DVI-I.
Isn't DVI a general standard, why then those differences?

pe1chl 07-14-07 02:15 AM

Re: DVI doesn't work
DVI cables can be used for digital, analog or both.
As these days costs are cut to the absolute minimum, there exist 3 different kinds of cable with only the necessary wires and pins for those functions.

A CRT monitor normally does not support digital connection and a DVI-D cable supports ONLY a digital connection. So this combination won't work.

kriko 07-14-07 02:55 AM

Re: DVI doesn't work
I figured that out. But still I don't understand why didn't they create a standard that just works everywhere you have DVI port (only DVI-I)?

pe1chl 07-14-07 10:09 AM

Re: DVI doesn't work
As I said, in these days costs have to be cut to the extreme. An LCD monitor on a DVI connection does not use the analog signals, so the wires and pins for that are omitted in the DVI-D cable. Even those exist in a single-link and a dual-link version! The dual-link is only required for resolutions above 1920x1200 so the usual cable omits the extra link.

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