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damber 07-15-07 03:46 PM

nvidia 8800gts dual card, triple monitor issue
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I've recently purchased 2 nvidia 8800GTS cards each with dual DVI outputs that I've plugged 2 LCD monitors into - 2 into 1 card and 1 in the other.

I'm trying to get all three monitors to work at the same time (a xinerama based tri-monitor)... however I'm just not able to get both cards working at the same time. I can get an output to either the dual monitors or to the single monitor depending on which busID I use in the selected device (and comment out the other entries etc). This proves the card works at least, and the driver can generally communicate with the card.

To try and resolve this issue I added the "UseInt10Module" option to help initialise the second card (which is noted in the README.txt file under Appendix B, found from the Common Problems section).

Unfortunately when in the device section (as per my xorg.conf file attached) it throws an error that the module cannot be loaded.

I also get (when the Int10 module isn't enabled) errors that the driver is having problems with the device files (nvidia0, nvidia1 & nvidiactl).

I've followed the instructions to completely remove unwanted drivers and disable ubuntu's restricted modules from being loaded etc, and installed the latest 100.14.11 driver from the nvidia site.

I've tried Xinerama and twinview, in case that was affecting it some how, but no joy.

I'm not really sure where to go from here... I suspect the driver just isn't working properly and initialising the second card ready to be used, but would be very happy if it's just a stupid config mistake I had made.

Can someone please sense check my config to make sure that it *should* work, and ideally throw out some ideas on how I might fix it.. ?

Thanks in advance

Revs 07-15-07 04:33 PM

Re: nvidia 8800gts dual card, triple monitor issue
Linux?!? Oh I dont know about Linux old chum. But could it be anything to do with SLI? Can Linux even run SLI? I dunno :o

damber 07-15-07 06:13 PM

Re: nvidia 8800gts dual card, triple monitor issue
er... well, thanks for the constructive reply..

you may notice I explicitly try to disable SLI mode in my config *just in case* it is trying to use it. My intention is not to run it in SLI mode.. so er.. does linux do graphics to multi-monitor through multiple cards ? I have a feeling from all the older cards that work that maybe it does... but I dunno... ;-)

Does anyone have any 'not-so-sarcastic' and 'slightly-more-insightful' ideas ?

and btw,,, according to nvidia documentation, yes SLI is supported in Linux (Chapter 25 in the driver README).

bugspray 07-15-07 06:30 PM

Re: nvidia 8800gts dual card, triple monitor issue
Remove this line from the config file

Option "MultiGPU" "on"

damber 07-15-07 06:32 PM

Re: nvidia 8800gts dual card, triple monitor issue
it makes no difference to the problem - that's a remnant from my 'fiddling' after receiving these errors again and again (and it should say "off"). File updated for clarity

bugspray 07-15-07 06:46 PM

Re: nvidia 8800gts dual card, triple monitor issue
Search for vmalloc in your /var/log/messages file and then search for vmalloc in Chapter 9 of the Nvidia Readme.

You have to increase the amount of vmalloc space if you are using two 8800 cards.

damber 07-15-07 06:54 PM

Re: nvidia 8800gts dual card, triple monitor issue
now that's a clever thought ! thanks, it does indeed note that in the log - I'll read through the documentation and try increasing it..


damber 07-15-07 07:43 PM

Re: nvidia 8800gts dual card, triple monitor issue
mmm.... this seems on the right track, but after playing with vmalloc values of 192 to 768 and nothing but a few kernel panics, I've had no success... tried settings: video=vesa:off and vga=normal, and added uppermem (which didn't seem to do it's job too well - I still got memory out of bounds errors after a certain number.

Am I missing something here - from what I can see these are the only options I can set to resolve this issue - am I doing something wrong, or can you suggest a way to resolve this ? I'll have a quick google now, but if you have any links etc, please let me know.

Thanks again - this makes sense now, I just need to get this config right.


bugspray 07-15-07 07:52 PM

Re: nvidia 8800gts dual card, triple monitor issue
did you use vmalloc=196, or vmalloc=196M; the second is correct. The exact value isn't all that important, just that you are using the M suffix. you need to submit a new bug-report log also

damber 07-16-07 03:53 AM

Re: nvidia 8800gts dual card, triple monitor issue
I did try vmalloc=256MB etc (as per the documentation) and also vmalloc=256M on the first go - neither seemed to make a difference.

But, as this is a new build I decided to give the 64 bit version of ubuntu a try (as this should theoretically not have this problem).

And it's working !

Well... kind of.... I can get all three monitors working at the same time now, however I have a small workaround to get them running and that's to close the xsession (ctrl-alt-f1), load a single screen/device/monitor using the nvidia driver and startx again, then close x (again) replace with the proper config as above, and restart x.

It seems the driver just isn't loading properly initially, but when it does, it's fine. Any ideas as to why this happens ?

Thanks again - your insight into the issue was the key to resolving this. I may need to go back to 32bit and fix the vmalloc thing if the 64bit version turns out to be a maintenance nightmare - but for now I will bask in the glow of glorious 3 monitors (I've really missed having them whilst they've been out of action.. it's amazing how even 2 monitors isn't enough anymore!)

Many thanks - I'll post back if I resolve the pre-loading thing, though if you have any ideas, let me know :-)

damber 07-16-07 09:18 AM

Re: nvidia 8800gts dual card, triple monitor issue
OK - I've not fixed it to my liking, but it's now working automatically as one would expect.

Basically after trying to get the nvidia module loaded at boot up, I added to the /etc/modules file and noted the existence of a file in /etc/modprobe.d/ (nvidia-common-...something or other) - so rebooted after a modprobe nvidia and depmod -a in the expectation that this would work cleanly. Unfortunately it made no difference, so it is likely the file in modprobe.d isn't correct.

To get it working now (so every reboot doesn't annoy the hell out of me!) I simply added a script in /etc/init.d/ that does a direct "modprobe -i nvidia", which 'fixes' the issue in as much as it will automatically load X correctly first time. However I don't feel this is the best way to do this - can someone point me in the right direction on this - I thought I was on the right track with the modprobe.d scripts, but as it didn't work, I could do with some guidance. (n.b. I'm using ubuntu ff)


Revs 07-16-07 01:59 PM

Re: nvidia 8800gts dual card, triple monitor issue
Soz for the pointless reply. I hadn't noticed it was in Linux thread, d'oh! Anyhow, glad u kinda sorted it ;)

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