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googler 07-15-07 06:54 PM

PC to HDTV resolution problem-questions; Help?! :)
Ok, I finally got mine 37" HDTV (ViewSonic) connected by DVI to HDMI cable to get my computer screen on big screen. But I ran into some issues which I was not able to resolve yet. I have P4 3.0GHz HT, 1.5GB RAM, 200GB SATA, 7600GT 256MB, etc. My video card gives me all kinds of settings but I was not able to get the whole picture on my HDTV edge to edge. I get my 22" LCD monitor at 1680x1050 resolution and selected the output as CLONE (don't need extended screen) - just to show on HDTV what's on my PC monitor. On the HDTV I get the picture that's missing task-bar and some icons in the first row on the top of my PC monitor. Picture is blurry due to settings stating 1080i. I was all thrilled like "GOTCHA" and changed that to 720p - BUT, my monitor got changed to 1280x720 (which is original 720p resolution). Now, I changed HDTV settings not my monitor settings!?! On the HDTV I got EXCELLENT HD picture that was amazing but now my monitor shows 1280x720 resolution regardless of native 1680x1050 (22" LCD monitor).

Can you guys help me how to do this: To have my monitor at it's native resolution 1680x1050 and keep my HDTV on 720p output???

Thanks a lot!


glObalist 07-16-07 12:25 AM

Re: PC to HDTV resolution problem-questions; Help?! :)
Just use extended screen (TwinView or whatever nvidia calls it) and you should be fine.

googler 07-16-07 01:32 AM

Re: PC to HDTV resolution problem-questions; Help?! :)
I think that worked well - but, I get confused a little bit since I have to move the screen to the right (or left) and leave the screen there. Originaly I would use it for DVD movies and Youtube, Joost, stuff like that - most of it like videos.
I don't use it for gaming and surfing.

You think drivers should be updated (which I don't) or should I try powerstrip?

thanks guys

einstein_314 07-16-07 07:45 PM

Re: PC to HDTV resolution problem-questions; Help?! :)
Is there a setting on your tv to set it to 1:1 pixel mapping? I know on my 42" Sharp 1080p lcd tv I have to set it to 1:1 pixel mapping to display the image correctly. Otherwise the picture gets cut off on all sides.

googler 07-17-07 12:26 PM

Re: PC to HDTV resolution problem-questions; Help?! :)
I will check the settings for 1:1 pixel mapping and see if that works.

PS. How can I distribute the picture only at my HDTV but not my monitor. It gives ma only extension to HDTV, Cloning, Multi Vertical and Multi horizontal (horizontal is same as extended)? I would like to have tv at 720p and my monitor turned off since I will be doing everything on the TV for time being.


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