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blbainb 07-16-07 12:00 AM

Nvidia driver won't start (FC6, 7900GS, 100.14)
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I had a ATI 9800XT installed but couldn't get the linux drivers to work with two monitors so I switched to a 7900GS as I'd heard that nvidia drivers were better but so far no go. I uninstalled the ATI drivers using yum.
System: dual amd 2800 cpus, A7m266D motherboard, dual VG191 viewsonic monitors
FC6: 2.6.20.-1.2962 kernel and kernel-devel
Used yum install kmod-nvidia to install: kmod-nvidia 100.14.11-

When x starts up I see the nvidia splash screen on both monitors then it blanks followed by the primary screen with the upper third white and the lower black (second screen is black). Finally, it restarts but in a vesa mode (PCI). The xorg log shows no errors except at the bottom where there are several lines with "error recovery failed".
Note: the original xorg file that was generated after installing the nvidia drivers showed that the card wasn't recognized because the device section for the videocard had a line with: BoardName "nvidia corporation unknown device 02e3"
I think the device number for the 7900 GS is 0x0292.

I've attached the nvidia-bug-report. Thanks for any help.

netllama 07-16-07 12:08 AM

Re: Nvidia driver won't start (FC6, 7900GS, 100.14)
Does setting NvAGP to 0 in xorg.conf help?
Have you verified that you're using the latest motherboard BIOS?

blbainb 07-16-07 12:42 AM

Re: Nvidia driver won't start (FC6, 7900GS, 100.14)
No, I haven't tried setting nvagp to 0 (what's the syntax and section?)
For the bios, since it's an older motherboard the bios is about as good as it gets (1011).

Another comment: I originally tried installling the nvidia-linux-x86-1.0-9755-pkg1.run contained on a Linux Format dvd but it complained about kernel-source issues so I gave up and used the kmod-nividia installation instead. It appears that the nvidia-installer.log that is part of the bug report is from the first attempt and not related to the kmod-nvidia installation (which apparently didn't overwrite the file). FYI.

netllama 07-16-07 10:05 AM

Re: Nvidia driver won't start (FC6, 7900GS, 100.14)
The driver README documents the use of the NvAGP option.

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