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jticeman500 07-17-07 08:45 PM

BD and HD dvd players

I have question regards to the quality that I receive from my blu- ray player (PS 3) compared to my standalone Hd dvd player. When I play a blu- ray movie one the PS 3 I notice what I would call film grain appearing more so in dark scenes. I have Samsung 46” 1080p HDTV, both players are using the same type of high quality monster HDMI cables and optical audio cables. I am just confused why I am getting this sort film grain appearing on my BD movies. Does anybody have any suggestions? I have change cables… I don’t know anybody else that has a BD player on hand so I don’t know if that is how it is suppose to look…

Thanks advance

nrdstrm 07-17-07 11:33 PM

Re: BD and HD dvd players
I havn't noticed that, but I only own one movie...Casino Royal...Looks clear as day on my 42" 1080P Vizio. Your TV should be much better, so I don't see the reason why...Maybe someone else will be of more help. Have you tried different movies? The only thing I can think of is the movie that you watched used a crappy codec/compression. I've heard that Blu-Ray doesn't really have a standard for codecs, or at least they didn't used to (could have changed)...

Bman212121 07-18-07 12:14 AM

Re: BD and HD dvd players
Not really sure what you mean by film grain... Do you mean it looks like the black isn't as dark as it should be, and it looks kind of washed out?

crainger 07-18-07 12:15 AM

Re: BD and HD dvd players
The obvious answer is that the PS3 will never compare well with a decent stand alone HD-DVD player. Or upcoming stand alone Blu-Ray players for that matter.

Still the PS3 suits me fine and yep Casino Royale looks great. Wish I had the hardware to hear how the umcompressed audio sounds though...

Dr.Nick 07-18-07 06:13 PM

Re: BD and HD dvd players
The PS3 is a fantastic blu-ray player that can hold its own against any standalone unit imho. As for the color issue, if you are using hdmi, make sure to put the color(?) option in the display properties to Full instead of Limited. Also some movies just look like crap tbh. It could be the same movie and look good on HD dvd and look like ass on blu-ray(this goes the other way too). Try a couple more movies to check it out.

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