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nileshbansal 04-02-03 03:59 PM

mplayer -vo xv with nvidia
I have a riva tnt2 and have installed nvidia drivers on SUSE 8.1. when i use player -vo xv when i resize window to size smaller than orignal size video does not get resized i mean when i resize the window to size smaller then orignal size then some part of video cuts off, however when it is resized to size larger than orignal then video also gets rescaled according to size of window.
when i use -vo x11 it works fine.I have tried on a comp with sis card and this problem is not in that comp.

nileshbansal 04-03-03 08:15 AM

Atleast tell me if other also have similliar problems with nvidia card or i have done some wrong config on my comp.ALso tell if u have any suggestions/solutions.

ikg 04-08-03 04:02 PM

I have problems with -vo xv and last NV drivers as well. I have a GeForce 2MX and drivers version 1.0-4349. The image is not displayed correctly with approximately anything that uses some kind of direct overlay (Xv and SDL for example).

wopr 04-08-03 05:48 PM

Works for me. Geforce 3, Binary 1.0-4349 and with the default nv drivers with XFree 4.3

ikg 04-08-03 05:55 PM

AFAIK, the nv driver is not the one supplied by NVidia. Thus, you probably don't benefit from the last driver update. I don't even know if you can use the OpenGL drivers supplied by NVidia with the nv driver. Try the "nvidia" driver instead.

nileshbansal 04-09-03 03:16 AM


Originally posted by wopr
Works for me. Geforce 3, Binary 1.0-4349 and with the default nv drivers with XFree 4.3
can you use mplayer -vo xv ??

bwkaz 04-09-03 08:15 AM

I don't know if wopr can, but I can.

At least, with certain .avi files. Not all of them, mind you -- some just result in a blue rectangle on the screen. I don't know why, either.

Resizing works fine too (both shrinking and enlarging).

GF4 Ti4200, video BIOS revision (if that makes any difference).

Ralph Scharpf 04-09-03 02:49 PM

Fine with new drivers
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my GeForce2 is working fine with latest drivers and mplayer -vo xv. Shriking (up to size of stamp) and resizing (up to fullscreen) are working. :D

You may try xvinfo. My output is attached to posing. Please don't ask me what to do with information from xvinfo.


lanzz 05-29-03 12:44 AM


Originally posted by nileshbansal
can you use mplayer -vo xv ??
yes, you have XV acceleration with the old nv driver. 3d is what you don't get with it.

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