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invaderjohn 07-18-07 04:25 PM

dualhead + tv-out
soo.. ive been asking this like allover but havnt got any answer so i thought to try here, im using ubuntu linux with the latest drivers n i have two screens in twinveiw, and i have tv-out, so is there anyway to get the tv-out working when i have twinview, ive tried to have twinveiw and seperate x server on the tv but nothing happens.. the tv is black, so is it anyway to get it working? then use like vlc to play the movies on it on fullscreen?

excuse my bad english

netllama 07-18-07 04:28 PM

Re: dualhead + tv-out
The NVIDIA driver supports a maximum of two simultaneous display devices per GPU.

invaderjohn 07-18-07 04:47 PM

Re: dualhead + tv-out
ok, then i know. thx anyway :)
just found out how to fast switch between to xorg files so. it worked out anyway :)

pe1chl 07-19-07 03:19 AM

Re: dualhead + tv-out
I hope that it is not the "start two X servers and switch with Ctrl-Alt-Fx" trick, because it was recently claimed by NVIDIA that this is unsupported, should not work, and if it works it can stop working at any time...

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