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fwelland 07-20-07 02:27 PM

building libXNVCtrl.a ???
I am trying to build libXNVCtrl.a from the nvidia-settings-1.0 source code.

The Imakefile and generate Makefile will not build anything. The Generated Makefile has a bunch of (_NULLCMD_) where there should perhaps be real tasks to build the .o and .a and such. Running the make file, does nothing much at all.

I think this may have something to do with the host.def file for the X.org source code and IMake/xmkmf.

My environment is:

Fedora 7 (with most if not all up to date yum packages installed)
kernel 2.6.21-1.3228.fc7
NVidia 1.0-9762 driver install from .run package
Most if not all X.org devel packages

Does anyone know how to build this thing?

AaronP 07-20-07 02:59 PM

Re: building libXNVCtrl.a ???
Hi fwelland, thanks for bringing this to our attention. I filed bug 334808 on this issue. In the meantime, this simple Makefile works for me:

libXNVCtrl.a : libXNVCtrl.a(NVCtrl.o)
        ranlib $@

NVCtrl.o : NVCtrl.h nv_control.h NVCtrlLib.h

clean ::
        rm -f libXNVCtrl.a *.o
.PHONY: clean

fwelland 07-20-07 09:01 PM

Re: building libXNVCtrl.a ???
yup that make snippet worked just fine.


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