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chrisw01 08-20-02 04:59 PM

Source RPMS for GCC3.2 - Red Hat 8.0?
There's a discussion going on now about getting NVidia drivers working with the latest Red Hat 8.0 beta. (Null) as it's called is now compiled using gcc 3.2. That means the source RPMs for video drivers currently available from NVidia will no longer work because they have some pre-compiled binaries in them. The new version of gcc doesn't get along with the old version.

Any chance of getting hold of the same source RPMs, only compiled with the newest gcc, even if they're beta? This will also be an issue for Red Hat 8.0 when it does come out.


Chris Williams

mtrr 08-20-02 05:14 PM


reread the thread, the driver works compiled with gcc 3.2. don't know
what's happening to the poor guy.


chrisw01 08-21-02 12:15 AM

Duplicate thread
I See someone started the same thread 3 minutes after I did - at least according to the timestamps.

So, the driver can be loaded with an insmod -f parameter, but there's definitely something amiss.

I'll refer anything new to the other thread since it has more info on it.

mtrr 08-21-02 05:40 AM

don't know what's wrong with _this_ redhat release, but I don't need to force the module in.

adnans also seemed to have no problem

btw. the other thread started 08-20-2002 05:08 AM while you posted 08-20-2002 11:59 PM,
don't know why you think that's 3 minutes 'later'

I still think the redhat guys did something similar stupid like the last time (gcc 2.96).

on cebit 2001 I talked to some guys from readhat at the ziff davis party, they told me,
they used this version to have the same compiler on all supported plattforms.........

chrisw01 08-21-02 08:17 AM

I think part of the issue is this IS a beta of Red Hat we're talking about. Also, it looks like I misread the timestamps - the 3 minute separation came from the last message posted. <sheepish grin>

Anyway, Red Hat has said specifically in their support forums that this is the REAL gcc3.2 being used. I'd suggest, if you're so suspicious, instead of telling everyone in these threads that we're wrong, head on over to limbo-list@readhat.com and tell them why THEY'RE wrong.I'm sure they would appreciate your input.

As far as I am aware, this problem started when RH moved everything to gcc 3.2. I'd just like to see the problem fixed, regardless of who has introduced it.

Can we please close this duplicate thread now?



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