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Elegy 07-27-07 05:51 PM

Safe overclocks on the Q6600?
I'll be getting a Q6600 and there's a possibility I'll also get SLI 8800GTX to go with that. I'm considering overclocking the Q6600 slightly because it can be quite a bottleneck for these cards. Assuming I'm unlucky and get a B3 stepping, what's the highest overclock I could manage while sticking with stock voltages and the stock cooler, not increasing heat production and not decreasing the lifespan? I realize that this is hit and miss to some extent and that different CPUs overclock to different degrees, but what's a safe average?

Would overclocking the FSB to match Q6700 speeds - 2.66GHz - be safe?

Since I'm completely new to this, does overclocking increase power consumption, even if you keep the component at stock voltages?

nekrosoft13 07-27-07 09:39 PM

Re: Safe overclocks on the Q6600?
most people hit 3.0 + with Q6600.

2.66 is completly safe

DarkJedi664 07-28-07 12:47 AM

Re: Safe overclocks on the Q6600?
I'm at 3Ghz, stock voltage, stock cooler!

nekrosoft13 07-28-07 01:14 AM

Re: Safe overclocks on the Q6600?

DarkJedi664 07-28-07 01:59 AM

Re: Safe overclocks on the Q6600?
B3. Gonna try more when I add my water cooling :)

Elegy 07-28-07 04:39 PM

Re: Safe overclocks on the Q6600?
I think I'll consider overclocking to 2.66GHz then and see how much the temperatures change. Thanks for the replies. Let's hope I get a G0 stepping. Overclocking the G0s to 2.66 will probably consume about as much power as a B3 at stock.

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