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|MaguS| 07-27-07 08:02 PM

Tabula Rasa
I heard that the closed beta invites went out.... anyone get one?

ArrowMk84 07-27-07 08:11 PM

Re: Tabula Rasa
I got one. It's almost a 3GB download. I'm going to give it a try over the weekend (even if I'm not a big MMO fan, free beta's are just too damn tempting).

malachi1313 07-27-07 10:06 PM

Re: Tabula Rasa
Downloading now...This is the reason I subscribe to fileplanet. I can't count how many betas Ive been in.

nVidi0t 07-28-07 12:21 AM

Re: Tabula Rasa
I hope this is good since it's been awhile last we saw something from Richard Garriot.

Sgt_Pitt 07-28-07 02:38 AM

Re: Tabula Rasa
yeah the 2 games i want most and i cant even get a sniff of beta

tabula rasa and conan

Amuro 07-28-07 05:04 AM

Re: Tabula Rasa
I got the ign founder's club exclusive beta sign-up email, but I deleted it since I'm not interested in this game.

Sgt_Pitt 07-28-07 06:38 AM

Re: Tabula Rasa
pm me with the details please ;)

you should be able to check your ign account for the details again ?

pweease :P

Sgt_Pitt 07-28-07 06:39 AM

Re: Tabula Rasa
or if anyone else can send me a beta key, i would be most appreciative :)

|MaguS| 07-28-07 07:36 AM

Re: Tabula Rasa
Yeah because thats not against the NDA...

slick 07-28-07 09:41 PM

Re: Tabula Rasa
What's the harm in giving him the beta key if Amuro doesn't want it?

Amuro 07-28-07 10:14 PM

Re: Tabula Rasa
I checked the details. In addition to the key, you need to be logged in to download the beta.

Sgt_Pitt 07-29-07 08:16 AM

Re: Tabula Rasa
ahh well thanks for trying anyway mate

i can wait a little bit longer i suppose :)

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