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DanCanovas 04-03-03 12:23 PM

Post Your Geforce Fx Benchmarks Here..
Lets see how high we can get!

jAkUp 04-03-03 12:59 PM

sig :)

Evildeus 04-03-03 01:53 PM

Anyone can test this (PS2.0)


ricercar 04-03-03 02:32 PM

3DMark01 = 16,996

3DMark03 = 5,949

RobHague 04-03-03 03:42 PM

VERY nice scores there.

Mine -

3dmark01 = 12,619

3dmark03 = 5,105

43.45 Drivers, Set to Performance. No AA or AF. Little lower than yours but then you do have a 3000+ Barton ;) This is at standard clocks btw, including system 133/133.

Btw nice thread idea. Lets just hope it stays troll free eh ;)

RobHague 04-03-03 07:34 PM


Click that. WTF?


13297 3D Marks on a Gainward GF4 TI4400 @ 300 / 670

HUH!?!? springs to mind :S

jAkUp 04-03-03 08:37 PM

they overclocked the fsb... 3dmark 2k1 is extremely sensitive to overclocking memory and fsb... 3dmark 2k3 isnt so much so

walkndude 04-03-03 09:49 PM

Yes 2001 loves high fsb's -here's a 14000 on a 4200 at just 330/567 no lod tricks, application/best image quality

xp1700 on an albatron kx400+ pro(kt333) running a 207mhz fsb


btw, just scored a 15890 running the 4200 @ 335/615 with blend and a 215mhz fsb with the 43.45 drivers but the database wont take my scores at the moment ? Will try later.
Not too shabby for a "cheapy" system(was built for GF) .

albatron mb $65
xp 1700 $47
msi 4200 $118

edit: the 15890 has the cpu at 11*215(2367mhz)

ugapug 04-04-03 12:09 AM

3dmark 03:

3dmark 01 se:

43.45 drivers, no AA, no AF, set to Application for Intellisample and Best Performance for image quality.

gokickrocks 04-04-03 01:17 AM


Originally posted by Evildeus
Anyone can test this (PS2.0)


anyone want to test that out? (please state which drivers you used...and if someone has lots of spare time, to compare 43.00 w/ 43.45)

Mharwood 04-04-03 04:39 PM

Here are default benchmarks for my FX





43.45 drivers set to performance

I will be overclocking the machine over the weekend, but I believe the motherboard is holding me back, as the 2001 result is lower than expected

bootboy 04-05-03 03:51 AM

Finally got my a7n8x dlx at a stable overclock and pretty damn happy with the difference in 3dmarks03 that I have.
old g4 4200 @ 290/588 1552 :(
new bfg fx5800 ultra (not overclocked)

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