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gfxdrone 07-30-07 07:29 PM

udev vs. proprietary NVIDIA driver in Debian
Debian bug 435250


dev 0.113-1 mounts /dev noexec, and this breaks the proprietary NVIDIA driver.

So far I am inclined to revert the change, but I am soliciting opinions about applications mmap'ing PROT_EXEC /dev/zero and if it is a good idea and should be allowed, or not.

Debian bug 435186

We haven't seen this come in yet, but it's expected soon. Is this something that Nvidia is already aware of? If not, here's the links you need.

I'll be testing to confirm this, or to see if current udev package 0.113-2 has this fixed or not.

<update>I just tested this, and on debian sid, I can't see any problems with latest udev and nvidia 100.14.11 driver. It looks like noexec is not used in /dev with 0.113-2 but I can't say for certain what the status is.

fidojones 07-31-07 07:48 AM

Re: udev vs. proprietary NVIDIA driver in Debian
I have this problem. Nvidia left of work suddenly with driver:


With and x86signanling cautch error. After some probes (recompiling driver, a lof of times, using experimental packages from X) I discover and error in libglx.so. So I remove nvidia drivers, and X runs prefect.

I discover this post, and apply the fix form the bugs list in debian:

Removing noexec

Reinstalled the drivers, and no nvidia works again. Definitively there is a problem with nvidia drivers and noexec in UDEV.

ii udev 0.113-2 /dev/ and hotplug management daemon

Thanks for reporting I was crying without my twinview. :D

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