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leo.lsdb 07-31-07 03:51 AM

What about 6200 TurboCache ?
Hello !
I installed Ubuntu Feisty Fawn yesterday, and tried to use compiz, or beryl or compiz-fusion. With this card (6200 TurboCache) it seems to be impossible. A friend have the same problem, but not on a laptop this time, on his Desktop Computer. This is the only card who doesn't work with compiz, and i ask what do you wait ? Even my old Intel chipset graphics works. Badly but works.
I don't like fiddle, and it could be good that this nVidia works.
This problem seems to be old, what are you doing ?

PS : I tried with a lot of versions of our drivers, it doesn't work.

netllama 07-31-07 10:30 AM

Re: What about 6200 TurboCache ?
See the forum sticky posts.

leo.lsdb 07-31-07 11:45 AM

Re: What about 6200 TurboCache ?
Thank you for the answer. I'm not using the computer with the nVidia at the moment so i can't send you log. But that's not my problem. I know that 6200 TurboCache is the only card who doesn't work with compiz, and I'm not a computer specialist.
I use Ubuntu, and I don't want to fiddle, like i said.
I didn't find nVidia e-mail so I write here, to say that could be great to make drivers who works cleanly.

If now I have to send you log, or I don't know what, just to use my computer, I believe you understand that I will be more interested to a card with good drivers.
And if my answer is not good ("see the forum sticky posts"), just give me an e-mail where I can join the good section. Finally, this post is just a request.


netllama 07-31-07 11:49 AM

Re: What about 6200 TurboCache ?
You've not explained what the problem is, so I'm not clear how you expect anyone to provide a solution to a problem that isn't even detailed beyond "it doesn't work".

If you expect further assistance, you'll need to follow all of the instructions in the forum sticky posts.


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