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lmetza 04-03-03 02:15 PM

redhat 9 + nforce2 rear audio
I have no clue how to get 4 speaker setup under redhat 9 (gnome), i have nforce 2 (a7n8x deluxe) my front speakers work but i have no sound out of my rear spekers, they work under windows perfectly, just need to get it working under redhat 9. I have installed nvidias linux nforce drivers already (from tarball).

FluoDude 04-17-03 02:59 PM

same thing for me
I have Mandrake 9.1 no sound on my 5.1 just the front speakers
nforce driver package installed

Kiamu 04-17-03 03:58 PM

afaik the kernel driver does not support 5.1 audio...

try the alsa driver. they _should_ do it. (have not tested it yet)

FluoDude 04-18-03 02:09 AM

ALSA works fine
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I found following instuctions on an other tread and these worked fine for me, although I had to look an the alsa site for details on intstalation, (search nforce under soundcards). Also don't forget that after instalation mixer is muted

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