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CaptNKILL 07-31-07 09:22 PM

What the hell is wrong with 3dmark 2006?
Does anyone know what these idiots did that made this thing so prone to downloading improperly? I've downloaded it three times and I keep getting the "invalid bitmap" error when it starts up. I've looked around the internet and it seems to be related to bad downloads (someone downloaded it 3 times from the same server before it worked).

What the hell did Futuremark do to this program that made it corrupt itself randomly? I've gotten maybe half a dozen bad downloads in the 10 years I've been using the internet, why is 3dmark 2006 the only one that developes one corrupt file inside a packed AND ZIPPED exe installer from multiple download sites??

I just wanted to run the damned benchmark.

I've already spent enough of my time sitting around waiting for multiple 600Mb files to download on a 3mbit connection.

How can a developer possibly make a program that doesn't download properly? That doesn't even make sense... :wtf:

grey_1 08-03-07 10:28 PM

Re: What the hell is wrong with 3dmark 2006?
I actually quit the damn thing after multiple bad dls. Not worth the frustration imho.

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