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grmoc 04-03-03 06:29 PM

3213, 4191 work but nogo with 4349
3123 has been rock solid :)
4191 never crashed, but had some problems
when printing "\rsome long string" in a terminal
at 30hz. :(
4349 causes X (and possibly the machine) to hang. :angel2:

verbose error reports do not seem to yield any
interesting information, but I'd be happy to provide them

The 'hang' looks like this:
monitor flickers twice, then looses sync permanently.
<ctrl><alt><bspace> does not return the monitor to a usable state.

These behaviours are replicatable across different kernels, stock or RH-stock, through RH 7.3-9.

The hardware:
Quadro4 980XGL
Supermicro P5DA8, dual 2.8Ghz xeon, 1G
This happens with NVAGP set to 0,1,2, or 3.

Andy Mecham 04-03-03 06:52 PM

Are you hooked up to a DFP via DVI?


grmoc 04-03-03 07:28 PM

yup - read that "if it connects using the HD15 connector, its not DFP" comment in earlier threads.

It is a Dell 1702FP connected with the DVI connector.

Andy Mecham 04-03-03 07:36 PM

OK - this is an issue that we're aware of, and are working on. For now, the existing workarounds are to use an analog connection to your DFP or stay with a previous version of the driver.

I apologize for the inconvenience...



netboy 04-03-03 07:54 PM

I am encountering the same problem, that the new 4349 driver hard crashed my RedHat 8.0 with lastest 2.4.18-27.8.0smp upgrade. The non-smp version works just fine.

My configuration is Ti 4800 (actually, a 4600, but with 4800 chip ID), dual PIII, 440BX, and I only have a flat panel display which is connected to the DVI output of the card. I have the "ConnectedMonitor" "DFT" setting in the XF86Config file.

It crashes disregard I set or unset either one of the following options:



grmoc 04-03-03 08:11 PM

Try using the DVI->HD15 dongle and connecting the analogue side of the monitor (or an analogue monitor).

(In other words, that worked for me..!! :) )

Can you be more specific about what the known issue is so that I can avoid it on our machines out in the field?
i.e. Is it a known issue with the Dell 1701fp?
Or is it a DVI issue in general?

Thanks for you quick (and helpful replies!)

Andy Mecham 04-03-03 09:24 PM

grmoc: it's a general DVI issue - a straight DVI connection on SMP systems will exhibit the hang. We hope to have this resolved shortly.



netboy 04-04-03 12:23 AM


Thanks for your suggestions for DVI->VGA converter. However, Apple does not put VGA connectors on their Cinema displays, so I am stuck with the DVI connector. :mad:

I am sure nVidia tech team can find a solution soon. Since I am also a programmer, I know any reproducible bug is a fixable bug. I am eager to try again with their new drivers.

Thanks a lot, Andy, for your service to the Linux community.


mjung 05-05-03 06:38 AM

Still problem with 1.0.43xx drivers
I also encountered this problem. After downgrading to the older 1.0.4191 driver, the color failure still exists.

Does anybody know, how what I should do to remove this failure?

bwkaz 05-05-03 07:52 AM

This should be fixed with 4363.

mjung 05-05-03 08:27 AM

With 1.0.4363 I still have the problem. It seens like, after I used the buggy driver with DVI-out once, the problem never disappears.

bwkaz 05-05-03 10:25 AM

Wait a minute -- is your system locking up?

The lockup issues on SMP+DVI systems are what this thread is about, and they're also what got fixed in 4363.

If you're having other issues, post them in another thread. Make sure you explain what's going on, too. ;)

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