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kriko 08-03-07 06:47 PM

Video tearing
I got a new display, Samsung 204B (replaced my CRT).
Monitor is connected via DVI-D and working fine, except in videos.
I get tearing, even if I enable Sync to VBlank. It seems to me that it is a graphic card issues, since this doesn't occur in games or when scroling web pages, etc...
Is it possible to reduce tearing in videos?

For video playback I use mplayer or xine with xv.

netllama 08-03-07 06:50 PM

Re: Video tearing
How are you enabling sync to vblank?
Does the tearing persist if you disable the Composite extension in xorg.conf ?

What kind of video content is required to reproduce this problem?

kriko 08-03-07 07:06 PM

Re: Video tearing
Vsync is enabled in nvidia control panel. Disabling composite helped, no more video tearing (it didn't matter what content - dvd, mpg, xvid...).

Also when I disabled composite, one more option appeared in nvidia control panel under "X server xvideo settings":
Sync to Vblank on display device : Samsung... (DFP-0) (option was there before, only monitor is now listed under it). Should I enable this too?

netllama 08-05-07 06:26 PM

Re: Video tearing
Seems that your compositing manager isn't capable of syncing to VBLANK. I wouldn't recommend any further configuration changes unless you're not getting the results that you desire.

kriko 08-06-07 03:19 AM

Re: Video tearing
I just used plain kde environment without beryl or compiz. Video was tearing in 2d mode. After your suggestion I reenabled composite extension, but I also threw out some aditional lines from xorg.conf that I added as described on compiz-fusion page and I don't get any tearing in video anymore.

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