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Toff 08-13-07 08:58 AM

Erratic temparature reading on 6800GT
Hello all,

I've just bought a second-hand XFX 6800GT (AGP). I've fitted a huge copper Alphacool NVXP III water cooling block.

I'm using LCD Smartie with the NVTemp plugin to display the temperature of the GPU. The card was sitting at around 45c for normal desktop use, but it randomly jumps upto 309c, 140c, 90c etc!! (it changes from one minute to the next) :thumbdwn:

Using the latest Forceware GPU monitor, these sporadic temp changes are recorded here too.

Do you guys think I need to roll-back to an earlier Forceware driver to solve this, or could it be a duff temp sensor on the 6800GT itself?

Any advice appreciated!


Toff 08-16-07 07:51 AM

Re: Erratic temparature reading on 6800GT
Sorry to reply to my own thread :o

I am also experiencing poor performance with this card. I previously had a XFX 512MB 6200 running in the PC which performed better!

With the previous graphics card, I could spin the globe in Google Earth with no stutters, it was very smooth. With the 6800GT, it stutters every second or so.

I have made sure my AGP aperture is 256MB (in the BIOS) and my system is beefy.. so i can't understand why the graphics runs slower! Can anybody suggest any other settings I can change to get the card running properly?

Cheers - Toff

Spec: ABIT IC7-MAX3 | P4E 3.2 running @ 3.7 | 2GB OCZ | CPU NB GPU watercooled + 4 120mm case fans | 500W PSU

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