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lmetza 04-04-03 05:52 PM

another audio prob
I ran into another audio problem, i dont have any sound in any games (rtcw, quake 3) for some reason i dont know. Could someone help me out, this is on the nforce platform (onboard audio) a7n8x-dlx. useing nvidia drivers from tarball. (during setup of the nforce driver, do i want to overwrite the current audio driver that came with rh9 or not, because i did) this is in redhat 9.

Kiamu 04-05-03 02:27 AM

which windowmanager are you using?

kde for example has its own sound daemon (arts) which prevents other programs sometimes to play sounds.
(for me: if arts is enabled i can't play sound via xmms, without arts there is no problem)

lmetza 04-05-03 10:34 AM

hmm, well i get sound now in wolfenstein and all the games that come with rh9. I didnt get any sound in wolfenstein when i installed it thru wine, but then i cut and pasted the pak files to make a linux installation, seems sound works great in the linux install but not in wine. ut2003 demo has sound too (linux demo) just it crashedwhen i went to change the audio from software to hardware, completley froze on me.

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