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vito357si 08-14-07 11:10 PM

Question about q6600 g0 oc help
Sup guys just got my new system up and running MSI p6n platium, q6600 g0 chip i left evertying stock in the bios no oc yet i downloaded cpu-z its showin core speed at 1600mhz and muli x6 with bus at 266. what should i do to fix this problem o the ram is crucial ddr2 800. I really dont want to oc untill tomorrow my case fans still didnt come. that trmlake v1 is coolin the chip to70-80f. REally new to oc quad its not like the p4 3.2 i had hehe.

einstein_314 08-14-07 11:16 PM

Re: Question about q6600 g0 oc help
That's more than likely the motherboard dropping the multiplier when the CPU isn't under a load. It drops the multi and and voltage to reduce power consumption. I can't remember what it's called in the bios though.....

If you put a load on your CPU (orthos, or some other stress testing program) and check it again I bet it will be up to the regular 2.4 Ghz.

buffbiff21 08-15-07 03:04 AM

Re: Question about q6600 g0 oc help
Disable C1E.

SH0DAN 08-16-07 12:51 PM

Re: Question about q6600 g0 oc help

Originally Posted by buffbiff21
Disable C1E in your BIOS settings,and Vanderpool.

Fixed :)

vito357si 08-16-07 05:55 PM

Re: Question about q6600 g0 oc help
thaxs guys worked, I also updated the bios to 1.4 really dont know what the diff is with the g0 with th 1.3 ver.

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