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Tr1cK 08-29-07 08:59 AM

HTPC and Dual Core
I have an A64 3500 Winchester (single core) running at 2.4 right now pretty much flawlessly. I had bought another A64 x2 3800 to replace it, but haven't felt the need for it and is still in the OEM packaging. Any thoughts on the benefits of multi-core within the HTPC environment? If I can't make use of it, I will probably sell it.

superklye 08-29-07 09:12 AM

Re: HTPC and Dual Core
Are you going to be dealing with HD video? If so, more processing power = better.

And are you going to be recording TV and watching at the same time? If so, again, more processing power = better.

All around, I'd say more processing power = better, but that's just my inner speed freak talking. :D

Bman212121 08-29-07 09:48 AM

Re: HTPC and Dual Core
Yes, try playing an HD stream on that pc and see what happens. There is a good chance that you'll max out the CPU and it will be choppy.

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