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AdamDunn 04-06-03 11:22 PM

WinXP vs. Linux UT2K3
Since I'm new here, a little intro: high school student from Canuck-land, who is co operator of www.fvforces.net. Tries to update daily the latest tech news, but isn't always successful.

I've written up a benchmark comparison between Windows XP, and RH 7.3 using UT2003, and the latest drivers. If anybody has been wondering just how well Linux stacks up against Windows in 3D gaming, you can check it out here. As always, I am looking forward to reading questions/comments on what you people think or have to say, on these boards, or on my page's own comments section. Feel free to browse the rest of the site, as well, of course!

Seeing as how I just recently got 3D support running for Linux, I'll probably be seeing a lot of these boards in the coming months. See ya round!

Adam Dunn

Talaii 04-08-03 01:50 AM

Question: Did the benchmarker in question deactivate all the servives in both OS's before doing his tests?

This can make a fair difference, especially if doing a large install of RH (many different services start automatically if installed), and I can get performance equivalent to windows only when these are deactivated.


AdamDunn 04-08-03 07:15 AM

No, actually. As stated in the article, the game was played in RH as if it was just a normal boot up. I've only been using Linux for a couple weeks, and as I get to know the system, I'll be able to optimize the system better for benchmarks. Any suggestions where I can go to find all the listed services, and shut them down one by one until the screen goes blank? Also, you wouldn't happen to know where the AA and other graphical settings can be modified, do you?

erwos 04-08-03 03:25 PM

A "normal" boot is non-existent - what starts up can depend on what you install. Also, UT2k3 might be a bad case to test against - the renderer is _not_ optimized at all for Linux, whereas it saw quite a bit of it for Windows. Something like Quake3 would probably be a better bet.

There's a service configurator in the main menu somewhere, it should be called "services".


mwat 04-08-03 11:37 PM


Originally posted by AdamDunn
Also, you wouldn't happen to know where the AA and other graphical settings can be modified, do you?

I beleive this will help.

You can also use the nVidia readme and edit your XF86Config yourself.


AdamDunn 04-09-03 07:02 AM

Thanks for the great tip on the YanC utility. You can bet I'll be using that in the future!

I'll also have to get a hold of Q3, but seeing as how that game is already getting really high fps, I wanted something that would bog a little more. Considering two former Loki employees did the port for UT2K3, I figured it would've been pretty good for both OS.

mwat 04-09-03 11:53 AM

You can also configure your services in your terminal with "ntsysv".


watanabe 04-12-03 05:09 PM

RH 7.3 seems like a bad choice for comparing Win to linux, at least from a performance stand point. What about benching gentoo, slackware, debian etc vs win?

mwat 04-12-03 11:21 PM

I haven't used Debian so I can not comment on there release. Right out the gate I see one issue in using Gentoo/Slackware distros and that is the install process. If Red Hat is your first/only distro that you have used then you will be in for a bit of a ride. Slackware is a bit easier but neither one of them are GUI based like Red Hat. Both Gentoo and Slackware have very informative docs on how to get each installed and configured. I'm sure with patience, time and the "How to" printed off you'll get one of the two installed. Personally I would go for Gentoo.


The Analog Kid 04-13-03 05:02 PM

You could also try using xinit which can give better performance. You have to be in command line, with X killed. If you ever do use Gentoo use their gaming kernel it does improve performance a lot.

AdamDunn 04-14-03 08:50 PM

I wouldn't doubt that there are distros of Linux that could improve performance quite a bit, as well as the little tricks (xinit). I was talking with a friend last night about the benchmark, and he suggested a couple things I could try out. I figure I'll probably do my next comparison in about a month, after a little more learned. I don't know if I'll do multi-distros as I don't have *that* much time on my hands. I don't really know how I would go about benchmarking Linux due to the modular design of it, and how scalable it is. One has to wonder - should the benchmark be performed on a standard workstation install, or on a highly customized build? Didn't MS cut Windows2K down to about 32KB of code for the XBox? This would seem to prove that Win has the ability to be optimized, and probably runs really fast with so little code. Would a completely custom Linux install be "fair" to benchmark against WinXP? I guess it is MS's fault for not making an OS that can be cut down, but how many people would actually use such a customized install of Linux? If we (the Linux community) want to attract new users (to the advantages of Linux), should we be demonstrating a supar-leet install, or something more for the "average" user? I guess these are all judgement calls that are left up to the benchmarker, which makes my life just a little more difficult.

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