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jcossin 09-04-07 02:29 PM

Got My e6750 Rig Up and Overclocked!
Man, I am SO impressed with this CPU/Mobo/RAM combo!

The CPU hits 3.60GHz (450x8) at 1.475 rock solid under Orthos. Awesome for a $200 CPU!!!

The Patriot RAM clocks like a champ at 900MHz at 4-4-4-12 timings. I got 2GB for $61 at NewEgg after rebate.

And I am the most impressed with the Gigabyte motherboard. At $95 it is the cheapest mobo I have purchased and yet it is super stable and the overclock features are kick ass! When you overclock too high the system just reboots itself and clocks back down! No more having to open the case to reset the CMOS. How cool is that!!

My heat is too high (70C) for my liking on the stock cooler so I have a TT Ultra Extreme 120 coming from NewEgg this week, so that will add to the cost a bit, still I am SO impressed with the overclock stability of this new rig.

The speed of my system is so much peppier with the new CPU/RAM/Mobo. I was using an Opteron 170 that was overclocked to 2.4GHz before and this new setup blows it away. I got a 50% increase on my 3dmark06 score.

I moved from Windows XP Home SP2 to Windows Vista 32 Home Premium too and so far I am very happy with the new OS. I loaded the OS, P35 chipset drivers, nvidia 8800GTX drivers, SB X-Fi drivers and I was up and fully ready to play games. The load was much faster than my previous XP loads from scratch (especially since I didn't have to load SP2, IE7, etc).

After selling my old Mobo/CPU/RAM on eBay it was only about a $100 upgrade cost and WELL worth it!!

As soon as I get my TT Ultra Extreme 120 this week I'll let you guys know if I can clock stable even higher.

jcossin 09-11-07 11:23 AM

Re: Got My e6750 Rig Up and Overclocked!
Well I got my TT Ultra 120 Extreme installed. Man that cooler is a real pain to install, had to reinstall it 3 times to get it seated right so that it was cooling properly.

I dropped about 9 degrees C under load at 3.6GHz and 1.475V to 61C. Not bad but I wanted to come done into about the mid 50s under load. I reduced my voltage to 1.425 but I also had to reduce my speed to 3.5GHz to be stable and I think I've found the sweet spot, under load I'm hitting about 53C to 55C. (Keep in mind I live in Phoenix and it is HOT here.)

I put a Scythe S-Flex 120mm fan on the Ultra 120 and is it VERY silent, gotta love that!

I did run into one issue with my motherboard that's worth mentioning. I was playing Company of Heroes and using my headphones and noticed I was getting a lot of whining noise through my X-Fi. As if there is a shielding issue somewhere. I had my X-Fi in the bottom PCI slot (PCI 3). I decided to move it to PCI 1 by the graphics card and that's when all hell broke lose. As soon as I moved the card and tried to boot my PC, it would REFUSE to boot into any overclocked setting, even the most mild overclock. I then moved the card back to PCI 3 and it was still doing it so I cleared the CMOS with the jumper and set everything back and it was fine. Just for grins I moved my X-Fi back to PCI 1 and it DID IT AGAIN! Moved it to PCI 2 this time, cleared the CMOS and all is fine. (I also tried clearing the CMOS and leaving it in PCI 1 but it was a NO-GO). I seem to have less whining noise now in PCI 2 but still a little. I didn't have this issue at all on my MSI Diamond K8N Socket 939 board.

So if anyone runs into this problem with a Gigabyte P35 board (won't overclock, just keeps rebooting until it clocks down), try making sure PCI 1 doesn't have a card and also clear your CMOS. I may just have a flakey board but since I am happy with everything else about it, I don't want to deal with RMA'ing it.

CaptNKILL 09-11-07 12:09 PM

Re: Got My e6750 Rig Up and Overclocked!
Glad you like it. I love mine. :D

jcossin 09-11-07 02:52 PM

Re: Got My e6750 Rig Up and Overclocked!
What voltage are you running at CaptNKill?

DRen72 09-11-07 03:07 PM

Re: Got My e6750 Rig Up and Overclocked!
You guys make it hard for me to hold off for the 45nm CPU's. :)
I can hardly wait to upgrade.

CaptNKILL 09-11-07 04:19 PM

Re: Got My e6750 Rig Up and Overclocked!

Originally Posted by jcossin
What voltage are you running at CaptNKill?

I have it set to 1.5 but under load it drops to 1.44. :(

Still... its orthos stable and runs relatively cool with a 1Ghz overclock... I'm happy. :p

jcossin 09-11-07 04:47 PM

Re: Got My e6750 Rig Up and Overclocked!
CaptNKill, I wonder how your load temps are so much cooler than mine? What RPM fan are you using on your Ultra 120? What is your room temperature?

I am using a 1600RPM fan and it's about 80F in my room. (I'm in Phoenix)

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